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Germany to Repatriate 25 Gambians and More

By Dawda Baldeh

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany revealed that a plan has been set to repatriate 25 Gambian nationals on the 4th  of March 2021.

In a letter dated 2nd February 2021, the Embassy of Germany said, a non-scheduled flight is set to take off in Germany on 3rd March and is expected to land at the Banjul International Airport on 4th March 2021.

The letter said, this is a formal request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, international Cooperation’s and Gambian Abroad of The Gambia submitted to the delegation on 19 November 2020, to the Embassy  asking  the delegation to announce the planned return operation to the Gambian authorities according to stipulations set out in “Operational Conclusions”.

The Embassy wishes to inform the esteemed delegation about the German authorities’ intention to operate a non-scheduled flight to Banjul according to the letter.

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany present its compliments to the delegation of the European Union to the republic of the Gambia and has honoured to communicate the following:

The non-scheduled charter,  is planned to repatriate up to 25 Gambian nationals to The Gambia.

In application of the regulations set out in “Good Practices” its “Operational Conclusions” of the February 2020, required to provide information about the persons to be repatriated will be provided in due course.

“With this, the Embassy would be grateful if the delegation could request a diplomatic landing clearance for the non-scheduled flight that is going to be operated by the Government of Germany and to inform this mission about the Gambia governments consent to the return operations as well as clearance number.

The Embassy further wishes to underscore that preventive measures in relation to COVID-19, like medical examinations, temperature checks and use of face masks, will be taken by German authorities prior and during the operation of the flight.

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany avail itself of this opportunity to renew to the delegation of the European Union to the Republic of The Gambia the assurance of it highest consideration, end of released.

The Daily News have contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to set  find more light on information on the matter but the Communication Officer Saikou Ceesay, said they have not received any release from the government and they cannot comment on the matter.


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