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“Gov’t not Interested in Implementing any TRRC Report”-Essa Faal

By Dawda Baldeh

Essa Mbye Faal aspiring presidential candidate said the current government is not interested in implementing any Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) report. Faal made these remarks whiles on a courtesy call to the victims center Monday 11th October 2021.

“I have zero confidence that the reports of the TRRC will see the lights of the day under this government,” Essa Faal said. “We said no to impunity, to injustice, to reconciliation, without justice. The perpetrators must face justice. The government has shown us that they are not interested in implementing any TRRC report.

He said victims have suffered greatly in the hands of a terribly dictatorship for the past twenty-two (22) years. “I have sat with many victims in hours of interview narrating all the terrible things that have happened to them,” he said. He added some of the victims have passed through horrible things.

He assured the victims that if the government does not act, Ghana will act, if Ghana doesn’t act, West Africa would act…ICC will act to ensure justice for the victims. Faal urged the victims to remain calm and wait for justice. “In a government led by Essa Faal be rest assured that the perpetrators will face justice be it in this country or elsewhere,” he said.

The aspiring presidential candidate said one of the biggest atrocities that are happening to the people is the mile 2 prison. He said the prison is in a terrible state of dilapidation, being in that place is a human rights violation. He said prisoners are force to sleep in stinking toilets.

“Lot of our men has been castrated and they are living a horrible life. Castration was a method of punishment and torture in our prisons. I refused to mention the numbers because I didn’t want people to walk around the streets pointing at each other. Doing so, will cause a lot of shame and embarrassment to a lot of people in the communities,” he said.

Faal called for collaboration in ensuring justice for the victims. “If we don’t do that, we will be failing in our responsibilities to them.” He added that any individual who participated in enforcing impunity will be betraying the aspirations of the Gambians.

“If the government failed the Gambian people , then the Gambian people should hold them to account,” he said.

Faal further said the government is not interested in prosecuting Jammeh. He stated that this will be the greatest betrayal of the government to the Gambian people.

He noted that the Jolas have been the most victimized ethnic group in the country under Ex-president Jammeh’s regime.

Sheriff Muhammed Kijera, Chairman of the Victims Center also thanks Faal for visiting the center. “We want the next agenda of the incoming president to be the implementation of the TRRC recommendations,” he said. The victim’s center was established.
Kijera said the victims have no doubt that a government led by Essa Faal the TRRC recommendations will be fully implemented. He has done a lot for the victims, he ended.

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