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Govt. Resources is not limited to Cash Only

In the just concluded by-election at the Naimina West Constituency and Kerr Jarika wards , claims of the use of state resources was  highly mentioned by many on the opposing side of the election equation. The claims do not only stop at politicians but even civil society members do talk of the use of state resources.

The NPP were quick to say that, they as a party did not spend a dalasi from state coffers, and the Administrative secretary went to the point to tell Gambians that it is not as easy as their opponents’ claims for them to use state resources as monies coming from state coffer has be justified and signed for.

The Information minister challenged journalists to come up with proofs, that NPP did use state resources. He like other members of politicians in the NPP camp, said people should back their claims with proofs and not mere allegations.

What these defenders should know is that state resource is not only limited to cash; but state resources are far more than that.

When a State minister uses the state official vehicles, fueled from state treasury, and spend even one day campaigning on a week day, is that not state resource? When a Governor of a region fueled his official vehicle from state fuel and travel to the by-election even a day on a day he supposed to be in the office , is that not use of state resources? The same goes for all other civil servants and cabinet ministers.

The use of state resources is not only limited to cash, it will be difficult for such to be detected; but when a state minister wants to do partisan politics he or she needs to use his or her private vehicle or party vehicles, using monies of the party to fuel those vehicles for such purposes. And above all such partisan must not be on a week day; if that happen then state resource is used.

In the Niamina by-elections, the likes of Hamat Bah the Minister of Tourism have used state  vehicles, state time, and the use of the services of Gambia Police Force for more than a week politicking.

The fact of the matter is that in the last by-election state resources was used in the form of  state time and the use of state vehicles , this is a fact that the NPP camp cannot denied and not even the Information minister who was asking for proofs.

State resources is not limited to only cash, but time, fuel,  and vehicles.

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