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Gruesome Appalling Tortures Befall Lieutenant Colonel Mendy

By Almamo Kamaso

Speaking to the Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparation Commission (TRRC), Lieutenant Colonel Pierre J Mendy said he was subjected to gruesome appalling tortures by soldiers of the Gambia Arm Forces for more than four times whiles the NIAs conducted interrogations under the command of one Hydara of the NIA.

During the interrogation, his torturers try to put six plastic bags over his head four times.  The tortures, the witness said, were in the forms of electrocution, and beatings, with the use of cables, sticks and booths.  Mendy even revealed that, the torturers also use tools by cutting off his skin, the scares of which are still visible on his body.

The witness told the TRRC that, with all this whiles after subjecting him to tortures that cause wounds and cuts on his body “I am denied medical treatment”

The TRRC was informed that, he Mendy was unlawfully tried and sentenced to ten years. He told the Commissioners that he was denied his basic human rights whiles serving his sentence such as visits.

The witness testify that Alieu Ceesay one day at 3 am was forcefully taken out of his cells, tied his hands at the  his back and  put on cuffs  and he was blind folded he was  told that he was going to Janjanbureh. He with Marena, Alieu Jobe and Malanfe Corr were all taken away. The Witness told the TRRC that they were informed by the Jungulars that they were killed that very night. It was even said Sana Manjang’s pistol has dropped in the well, were their bodies were dumped. But funnily they heard the next day, which these prisoners escaped, whiles being transported to Janjanbureh prisins.

Pierre Mendy when asked how his health condition look like, he responded by saying he is just trying but he is feeling not well. Mendy said he cannot even work more than a hundred meters without sitting, he concluded.





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