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Hamat Bah Warns Against Tribal Politics

By Fatou Dahaba
Hamat NK Bah party leader of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) appeals to his colleagues in the political arena to remain resolute and committed to the principles of democracy and make sure the country remain peaceful.
He state that people should make sure leaders are elected freely and fairly and in doing that no politician should be deprived to practice his constitutional fundamental right.
Bah, who was speaking at the NRP’s congress in N’ Geyen Sanjal, North Bank Region, said politicians should do away with tribalism and politics of insult and embrace a national unity government that will strengthen good governance in the country.
‘We want to put politics of insult and abuse as history in the Gambia.’
He continued that politics of issues, development and advancement should be the agenda of every political party.
Bah who double as the Tourism Minister said his party support for Adama Barrow is unshakable.
He called on all the supporters of NRP throughout the country to remain firm and solid behind the candidature of Adama Barrow come 4th December, 2021.
“By doing so, we will strengthen this government. We will stand firm in promoting democracy and good governance in this country.”
Tourism Minister said: “We know Adama Barrow is a Democrat and believe that he can move this country’s development forward.”
He said when UDP was abandoned in 2006, they were there for them and stood for them, adding they never wave at.
The good gesture according to Bah, was rewarded in 2011, when he was elected leader of a new opposition alliance, the United Front that comprises PDOIS, NADD and GPDP.
Names of candidates nominated for various positions are Famara Dampha National Youth Mobilizer, Ngui Secka National Women Chairperson, Awa Drammeh Deputy National Women Chairperson, Haddy (Oulie) Touray Deputy National Women Mobilizer, Ngaga Jeng regional Chairperson LRR, Dam Touray Deputy administrative Secretary, Amadou Bah deputy PRO, Sheikh saine Deputy National mobilizer, Issa Sillah Diaspora Mobilizer, Yasin Saho Deputy Treasurer, Bubacarr Jallow Deputy National Youth mobilizer, Alhagie Gidom Bah head of the elders.
However one key position remains vacant as the position of the Deputy Party leader and Secretary General was not announced during the congress and majority of the executive maintain their position.
The congress was chaired by the party’s PRO Pateh Baldeh.

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