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Hon Alhagie .S. Darboe Warns Against Illegal Registrations

By Almamo Kamaso
Speaking at a political meeting in Barrow Kunda in the Wuli west Constituency over the week-end, Hon Alhagie S. Darboe strongly warn against the registration of non-Gambians. Darboe, led a delegation of a very strong vibrant UDP militants in the persons of Momodou .S. Sabally and Aja Jabbie to the Wulis.
He told a crowd of UDP supporters that, they must jealously guard our national documents, particularly the Voters cards, which enable us vote in for whoever we wanted as our leaders. The danger on registering none-citizens means handing over our country to none citizens. The outspoken politician warn that the countries that surrounded us are in their millions and we are only less than 2 million people , so allowing them to have our national documents means we will end up being ruled by those none- citizens.
Hon Darboe who also is the Senior Administrative Secretary of the UDP, calls on militants to be vigilant at the time of registration of voters cards. He warns the Alkalos and head of districts (Seyfos) to desist from given our national documents to non-citizens.
Hon Alhagie S Darboe dismiss claims by President Adama Barrow as misleading and deceptive, that he is Barrow and Wuli Barrow kunda is his home. Darboe asked the people of Barrow Kunda why has he not built the mansions he built at his home village of Mankangma Kunda and not in Barrow kunda if he was not just deceiving them?
He called on President Barrow to stop politics of deception, he recalled that it was him who said in 2016 it was the UDP militants who voted him as President of the Gambia, recollecting that almost everywhere he went to during the 2016 presidential elections his host has always being a UDP Chairperson.
The Brikama North law maker told the people of Wuli West that wherever we went during the 2016 elections, supporters will chant the name of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, and it was them who will always tell our supporters that this time round it is Barrow and not Darboe. It was us the UDP that told people to vote for Adama Barrow using Lawyer Ousainou Darboe’s name. The UDP Senior Administrative Secretary said it was on those bases that UDP militants voted for Barrow.
Hon Darboe narrates how Adama becomes a UDP flag-bearer, he told his audience that when Darboe was in prison at our level Adama was the oldest among the candidates and that is why he became our flag-bearer.
He said the people of Barrow Kunda should take Adama’s utterances as false and that whatever he told them was baseless. If he Barrow tie his lineage to Wuli Barrow, the mansions he built at Makangmang Kunda would have being built here in Barrow Kunda.
Hon Darboe expressed disappointments for the Barrow government to deny them of building a hospital by the indigenes of Barrow. This he said is very sad and said one would have thought that it is the responsibility of the Barrow government to build you a hospital; but where it fails volunteers should not have been disallowed to do so.
Hon Darboe told the Wuli people that the roads and bridges currently under construction is not the will of Barrow and that he and his cohorts should not fool you by saying that they are the people behind the projects under constructions in the Upper River Region (URR). Darboe said rather the ideas of the URR projects were conceived and plan by the former APRC government; but because they were voted out in the 2016 elections and replaced by a Coalition government they could not implement the projects. The Barrow government should speak the truth.

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