Saturday, September 18, 2021



Hon.  Sedia Jatta NAM for Wuli West expressed dissatisfaction over the labour Amendment Bill which says every father is entitled to a reasonable period in time not exceeding ten working days as paternity leave with pay. This Bill was tabled by the Attorney General and Minister of Justice Hon. Dawda Jallow at the Assembly Chambers in Banjul

He said “Ten days to do what, the child needs the mother as much as he/she needs the father, if you don’t accept that you are missing a big point. Every child needs the mother as well as father and if a father does not play a role of a father, there is something that the child is missing there is no doubt about that”.

He  continue to say “And that is why having had to say that and they give me ten days, ten days to prepare what, naming full stop and after that?, I think this has to be looked at again”.

The Bill seeks to review and repeal the provisions of the Labour Act against women and girls in The Gambia and number 2 of that replacement States that In order to reinforce the common responsibility of men and women in the upbringing and development of their children. He said  every father is entitled to a reasonable period in time not exceeding ten working days as paternity leave with pay.”

According to Hon. Jatta this construction doesn’t not smell the aroma of legality “I don’t know how this is done but there is much to be desired in the formulations. We have to think more seriously about the ten days, we have to accept the fact that even though the mother carries the child for a number of months but the father is also very important to the child.

He explains that his relationship with his kids proves to me that the fathers role in bringing up the children is fundamental and fathers should know that and they should act as its good for the psychology of the child. He said if anyone of this is absent it affects the child in one way or the other. Saying that is why we cannot down play the role of a father.

“We are not just providers in the home, couples provide for their survival even if your wife is not working in an office. She is performing a job greater than you are performing to run a home as its more difficult than running an office”.

The Wuli West NAM said “To run a home you are trying to muld and bring up human beings who are going to be tomorrow’s world builders. Nothing can be more important than that. It cannot be down played our whole conception practice of a family should be changed totally for the good of our society”.


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