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Hooliganism and Misuse of State Resources Must Stop

Very many unpleasant things are showing their ugly heads as we get closer and closer to the December 4th Presidential elections and all which need to stop.
The President must stop wasting state resources on his personal politics. Sometimes ago as early as 2018 we have seen President Adama Barrow using the State House grounds for political party rallies where he will invite district Seyfoos and heads of villages (Alikalos).
Again last week he again invited some district Seyfoos and Alkalos to State House just for partisan politics, this must stop Mr. President. Go out like any other politician and organized your political activities and spend your party resources on such. The State House belongs to the State hence the name. Remember you will be accountable to all these as people are watching and all are on videos.
There are videos and audios circulating which are full of hate speech, and such hate speeches are capable catapulting the nation into serious crises. The hate speeches are targeting not individuals but number of whole tribes, this must stop; and the powers that matter need to take firm steps to bring such to an end and immediately.
The recent attack on the United Democratic Party (UDP) voter monitoring team at the home of the former President of Gambian Yahya Jammeh is a very bad signal and needs to be curbed soonest for the peaceful conduct of registration of eligible voters.
Registration centers should be accessible by all politicians and political parties, no village is an island within the Gambia. What happens in Kanilai last Saturday need to be addressed with immediate effects? What the natives of the village fail to understand is that what was going on in their (registration of voters) is a national function and therefore, that is why the team visited the site, like any other sites in the country.
What happen tantamount to hooliganism and what is surprising is that instead of President Barrow address the unlawfulness of the act; he went on to refer to the monitoring team as thugs. The team was just doing what is expected of any matured political party, and they have not done anything wrong , What act of Thugs have the team done warranting the President to call them thugs?
The political parties have a great stake in the registrations and the subsequent voting in elections that will follow so all political parties must stand up to defend the country against any kind of hooliganism.

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