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“I Can Cure HIV/Aids Within 14 Days” Herbalist


By Almamo Kamaso
A 45 year old Nigerian herbalist, one Dr. Malam Nuhu Garba claims to have cure for many ailments such as Hypertension, Diabetes,Kidney problems,Liver problems, paralysis/stroke, Asthma, HIV/AIDS. “I can cure Hid/Aids for only 14 days”, Malam said.
Among other ailment, that the Nigerian born herbalist Malam Graba can cure is infertility. He said he has cured a lot of issues of infertility and many of his patients who were not able to have children, now have their family. Another problem he can cure in men who cannot function sexually and has what is called ‘man power’ for such problems.
The holder of the National Association of Nigerian Traditional Medicine Practitioners identity card and the ID of the Council of medical Herbalist of Kano State has also regularize his herbalist practice in the country with certification from the Traditional Healers Assembly (TRAHASS) of the Gambia.
Speaking to this newspaper in an exclusive interview yesterday at his residence in Wellengara West Coast region in the Old Yundum Constituency (OIC), said he inherited the herbal abilities from his late father who was a well-known Nigerians herbalist. “Since then I have being practicing the work of an herbalist for more than twenty-five years” Said Graba
Asked why he chooses the Gambia from all the countries in the sub-region and the world at large, Graba said he has come in contact with numerous Gambians whiles in Nigerian who were faced with different kind of aliment and were cured. The Nigerian herbalist said because of that he was convinced that he has a market that exists. The herbalist told this paper that, he knew from those contacts that there a lot of Gambians suffering from all these ailments.
Responding to a question of a possible challenge of competition as in the country there is a lot of traditional healers, Graba said no, he does not think he will face such as he knew that there are herbal doctors but he is sure of what he can do too. He would not say he has better medicines than those here or their own is better than his but what is clear is that he has very good herbal medicine for all kinds of ailments.
Dr. Malam said his stock is more than enough for the mean time; but he can always get replacement whenever the stock goes down. Some of them he can get from here others he can always get them all the way from Nigeria.
Dr. Malam Nihu Garba could be reached on the following numbers: +2207791609, 2579686,+2348036791970, and + 23480661574988