Tuesday, April 20, 2021


By Almamo Kamaso

Amadou Deen, who appeared before the Truth Commission said he was robbed off his two vehicles (Lexus), and a ten passenger van by the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), which vehicles were his personal belongings. These vehicles still are not recovered, even though he made several attempts to recover them.   The witness also claimed that a plot allocated to him and leased was also taken away during his stay away.

The witness told the Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Council (TRRC) yesterday that he did linked Alieu Jobe the former Accountant General to one Marabout called Sereg Faal  in order to over throw the government of Gambia in 2006.

Narrating his role , Deen  said after coup failed ,  he travelled to  attend a meeting in Guinea Bissau, when the news broke that he has a hand in the 2006 attempted coup, then he knew his world has started crashing.

Deen told the TRRC, that he then managed to sneak out of the Bissau  meeting without announcing his departure leaving  his colleagues Dr. Amadou Sowe behind, starting a ten years exile.

It was made known to Deen, that being part of a plan to over throw a government is treason and that is what he has  actually done. Deen said after ten years of exile when he returns home , he was told that shortly after leaving Bissau some  military personals were at the conference venue  to arrest and flew him home.

Jammeh instructed that he should be arrested and put in a bag of rice and put him in a vehicle be brought to  him to him Jammeh. However when he was told of this information, Deen responded that he would not have survive the journey. Knowing Jammeh even if he was informed that he died, he would instruct them to take his  body to his Kanilai zoo for animal feed.

The witness told the TRRC that he had initially stayed in Senegal for 32 months , before he moved to the  USA, where he continued his exile until after the fall of jammeh.


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