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”I Will Die Supporting GDC” Hon Alhagie H Sowe

By Dawda Baldeh

Hon Alhagie H Sowe told a mass political rally in his Constituency of  January 10th 2021, that he will die supporting the GDC, Hon Sowe said it is a lie that he has join the NPP.

Addressing party delegates in Sare Kokeh Upper River Region (URR), Honorable Mama Kandeh the leader of The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) accused President Adama Barrow of failing the elders, youths and other people in Jimara.

Kandeh said, President Barrow is the first person who betrayed the people of Jimara. According to him Barrow is the only President who started arresting innocent youths and elders on mere allegations in Jimara.

GDC, Boss said, in Barrow’s own house, his brother Ali Barrow is still using a bicycle and that is a shame to Barrow. He added when President Barrow met the people in Jimara, all he did was to campaign against GDC.

The GDC party leader said, Barrow has not done anything for the people of Jimara. Adding that youths and vulnerable farmers in Jimara are suffering and they are neglected by the President.

He described the Barrow government as full of dirty and hungry people who are moving round telling people that they are serving  the best interest of the people.

He further said, youths in Gambia are left unemployed and many are frustrated which is leading them to embark on the journey to the back way.

“I had some wicked elders in Jimara wanting to organize a delegation to meet me (Kandeh) to work with Barrow. I want to let them know that I am not a betrayer, he said.

“Some people say I (Kandeh) have  joined President Barrow. It is not true all that I can tell you is that what they are saying is not true, because their entire life is based on lies”.

President Barrow promised Gambian people that he (Barrow)  will serve the country for three years in which he totally fail to do so.

“Barrow has a big problem”. He is telling the Gambian people that he is the one developing the country which is not true.

He said when Barrow came into power in 2017, he said the sea will be preserved for the youths and he finally snatched away the sea from the youths and gave it to the Chinese people.

Honorable Kandeh further warmed the Independent Electoral Commission not to repeat what happened in 2016.

The leader of The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) said, the peace and stability of the country lied In the hands of the Independent Electoral Commission. Adding that if they are transparent, the country will be in peace.

Kandeh said the delay of voters cards issuance is best known by the IEC but he urged them to be transparent.

He said GDC has set a record in the country that no one can deny.

“I have realized that many are yearning for the downfall of Mama Kandeh but they will never see that”, he told attendees.

Honorable Kandeh said the peace and security of the country lied in the hands of the independent electoral  commission (IEC) saying that they (IEC) were responsible for the chaos that happened in 2016.

Speaking at his own Constituency , Honorable Alhagie Sowe said, the crowd is a clear manifestation of GDC victory in the 2021 presidential elections.

Honorable Alhagie Sowe the National Assembly Member for Jimara Constituency, expresses delight to the party delegates for turning up in their large numbers.

Hon. Sowe said, “I want to make it clear that all those saying Alhagie Sowe has joined the NPP is a damn lie”.

“I don’t think I will leave the party (GDC) without having conversations with those  who voted for me and I will die supporting GDC.

He said those that cross carpet to the NPP are not  true supporters of the GDC. Adding Jimara is not for sale and the people of Jimara and they  will not compromise  their integrity for money.






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