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Imam Ceesay Call on Politicians against Interference with TRRC

By Almamo  Kamaso

A Gambian based   USA Imam expressed fear and disappointment on some politicians for what he calls interference. Ceesay who is based in the USA,  was delivering his Friday sermon relayed in an Whatsapp audio,  in the same vein, Imam express his displeasure about the silence of the government of the Gambia over a huge tonnage of hard drug intercepted at the seaports of our dear mother land. Imam Ceesay condemned the system for not taking any responsible measures to address the situation.

“The Truth Commission, is doing a very good job as there has been a lot of human right violation during the previous regime and one of the objectives is to established those violation and create room for reconciliation and reparation” Ceesay said.

Ceesay said the TRRC should not be politicized and therefore politician should keep away from them.

Imam Ceesay condemned a prominent politician whose comments he disagrees with and that he said they should stay away from the TRRC and allow them make independent recommendations.

Just recently a big politician came out and makes comments that he disagrees with. This is among politicians who walked out of government saying they are old. They are also  people who encourage our young ones to take to the streets calling on President Adama Barrow to respect the year’s agreement, but they never join the protesters.

“This politician said if the agreed 3 years is up he will stand against and will never be part of such a government” Disappointedly this is the same politician who today supports the five years over the 3 years agreement, Cessay said.

Imam Ceesay told Gambians that, when the Janneh Commission completed its deliberations, there were recommendations. Ceesay said, it is the same politician who after it was confirmed that those people who squander public funds, killed and made people disappear supported the same people to be part of those to oversee public funds today.

Imam Ceesay said this said politician was seen and heard saying he is advising the TRRC, even before they (TRRC) finalize their reports, this Ceesay said is interference. Ceesay condemned the said politician who said it’s useless to bring Jammeh to book, but rather people should be refunded.

He (Imam) argued that Jammeh must be given opportunity to narrate his version of the story. That way Ceesay said Jammeh is also given his right. “Who are we going to believe if Jammeh is not given the opportunity to narrate his version” Imam said.

Imam said this politician is mute over the drug seizure, it’s better for him to be quite if he has nothing to tell Gambians.

Imam Ceesay was responding to Omar Jallow alias OJ, who recently spoke to the Standard newspaper where he offered advice to the TRRC.


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