Tuesday, April 20, 2021


By Fatoumatta Ceesay
Cultural Mediator Italy
It’s exactly one year since Italy declared a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 virus to spread. However, during the first period, she has lost more than a hundred thousand people.
For a good 4 months people have to stay indoors with only pharmacies, supermarkets open. All over the places, people were quick to buy food and medicine when needed. There where a shortage of mash and hand gel. The street was deserted people were afraid to contract the virus. Many when into depression and many lost their jobs and few people commit suicide.
The population has really surface especially immigrants. Many of which do not have fixed contracts or work without a contract. Most of them earn 25 or 30 euros per day. They hardly survive with what they earn. The fact that they don’t have a contract they are not entitled to government benefits for the COVID.
This time around people are not accepting to stay at home. They go on their businesses. They go to parks, and walks on the street. The police warn to fine anybody found rouning around. When I ask, people why are they not home as indicated by the government. They respond that they are tired because it’s been one year since the pandemic started still now, and Italy could not find a solution. The vaccine orders are late only 4% of the population is vaccinated and others do not trust to take the vaccine.
Recently the AstraZeneca vaccine was contradicted and postpose because two people died after few hours of taking the vaccine. Parents are angry because their children are forced to stay at home yet still you find people running about on the street.
On the 13th of March parents when demonstrating to ask for the schools to open. The government solution for children to go back to school is to allow only disable kids to attend school. Teachers and parents are debating to allow students to go back to school. Because it does not make sense to send or open an entire school just for 2 o 4 disabled kids.
Since the pandemic started people are literally going hungry. The most affected sectors are the tourism, restaurants, and fashion and household sellers. Forieriers are left empty-handed. Only 1 out of 10 is working.
Many left their rented houses and started leaving on the street because they can not afford to pay rent or if they are lucky they are hosted by friends. In a single room usually, you can find 5 grown-up men leaving together. Talking to some of them, they show their dismay and emphasized the fact that their family members in their home countries are finding it difficult too,because with their small earnings that’s where they help maintain their family. After one year now, They don’t know what to do. All we do, wait, hope, and pray that after the 7th of April Italy will stand again on her feet.

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