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Jammeh has all Rights to Challenge the 2016 Election Results

By Dawda Baldeh

The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) expressed concerns about the voter registration which was postponed by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). And in the same vein said the former President Jammeh has all the right to challenge the election results in the High Courts. The GDC leader is of the opinion that , because the IEC , announced and only a few days later that they admits mistakes.

Speaking to the Daily News reporter in Jimara, Honorable Mama Kandeh, the leader of Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), said the decision made by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in postponing the voter registration slated for 14 of January 2021, is suspicious.

Kandeh said, GDC is joining  all other opposition parties to condemn the decision made by IEC. The reason for postponement is best known to them, he told the Daily News.

“The preparation they have made in the past three years (3yrs) can’t be postponed at this last minute It is really unfair and we don’t expect this to happen. GDC want to make it clear to the IEC that the country is in their hands”, he said.

Kandeh said, the peace and stability of the country rest  in the hands of the electoral commission. If they don’t want the country be on fire, they must  be justice  and fair in their work. They are our referees and we want them to treat all equally.

We have all seen what happened in 2016, 2017 and now 2021, is just at the corner and we will never allow what happened, in those years to happen this time, he stated.

The GDC boss  added that IEC was fully responsible for what happened in 2016. We are all Gambians and we expect them to be loyal to all the Gambian people.

He further said, the IEC  should know that people are no longer sleeping. We will not allow them to favor anyone when it comes to their work.

According to Kandeh, In 2016 (IEC) was the people who wanted to set the country in fire. There is nowhere  across the world where election results are announced after some days, only to  call for correction of mistakes after counting.

“Jammeh has all  the right to challenge the election results to the High Court in 2016 because the IEC was not fair to him”, Kandeh said. People blaming Jammeh of what happened in 2016 was unfair.

We have lost confidence in the electoral commission now; because we have all seen what happened in the country for the past years. We want them to be very careful in the 2021 presidential elections.

“Every one of us will sacrifice our  lives in that election, ‘so to avoid chaos in the country, they must be transparent” he noted.

Am urging IEC to be  fair during  the upcoming presidential election in 2021, because they are just our referees, “their role is to conduct elections and be  justice in the election”, he said

Kandeh added , that during the parliamentary election they (opposition leaders) have complained a lot to the IEC, as some   candidates  were using their  pictures with President Barrow saying they are with Barrow while Barrow was an Independent candidate.

None of the parliamentarian was an Independent candidate, they all come from their political parties, he told the Daily News reporter.

Why are they attaching their pictures with Barrow, Kabdeh asked? “We have reported all those matters to the IEC, but they don’t take any action”, he alleged.


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