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Justice Underway in the Death of Deyda

Journalist Deyda Hydara was killed in 2004 by unknown persons during the leadership of former President Yahya Jammeh , and until his unceremoniously departure from the Gambia after he lost the December 2016 presidential elections no one was arrested in connection to the gruesome killing of veteran journalist Hydara.
The Point Newspaper has being asking the question who killed Deyda Hydara for seventeen good years and no answer came forth; today in the courts some men are charged for the murder of Deyda. However the accused persons are considered innocent until proven guilty by a competent court.
What is established so far is that justice in death of our late colleague late Deyda Hydara is underway.
Seventeen years is too long to wait for justice; and that is what the members of the Hydara family and the media fraternity is going through. Deyda was killed by personals of the Gambia government as confessions emerged from the Truth Commission.
Deyda Hydara a journalist of the highest and finest standard is the Co-founder of the Point Newspaper, who has immensely contributed to the development of this country. He was killed on 16th December 2004, which is exactly 17 years ago and it is relieving that justice is underway.

The family members , friends and well-wishers did call on governments both past and presence to do all it takes and investigate into the gruesome killing of a perfect gentleman whose only crime was doing a job; the Gambia government is commended for getting some people charged for the death of Hydara.

Since Deyda was gunned down by unknown persons some 17 years ago, and until the Truth Commission had some people confess of the killing; friends and colleagues of the media were calling on the Jammeh government and that of the Barrow governments to do all it takes to have justice take place.
The Jammeh government did absolutely nothing and many think they (Jammeh government) are the hands behind the killing of Deyda. That belief is proven right by the Truth Commission because there were witnesses who confessed killing Deyda on the orders of the former Head of State Yahyha AJJ Jammeh.
The long arm of justice can get anyone who is found wanting, no matter who you are and where you are. We encourage the government to waste no time in implementing the recommendations of the Truth Commission.

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