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Kanuma Debunks on NPP’s Claims on Taking Kanuma

By Fatou Dahaba

Yesterday 5th October, 2020 the United Democratic Party received people of Kanuma in Lower Nuimi who refutes claims made by the president Adama Barrow that he has taking Kanuma and Lower Nuimi in a meeting he convene in Kanuma village recently.

Kanuma people said the purpose for their coming is to meet their party leader and clear themselves over allegations that the President made against them.

Saffiatou Manneh the Vice chairperson of Kanuma said they came to clear themselves face to face with the executive of UDP and that are with party today and forever. She said not the whole Kanuma is supporting Barrow and their welcoming was not base on politics but as residence of Kanuma.

Abdou Salam Touray the coordinator also said the people of Kanuma are loyal to UDP and they don’t give chance to any political party.

He applaud to the executive to hold a meeting in Kanuma before proceeding to Njaba Kunda as they are eagerly waiting for that day.

Munerr Jammeh campaign manager of Lower Nuimi said NPP cannot buy their loyalty to UDP and they cannot be fool because they know most of the projects the president is inaugurating where launch by former president.

He alleged that he the president knows why he jump Essau and hold meeting in Fass, noting he Barrow knows he has no support in lower Nuimi and there is a no go area for him ‘Lower Nuimi belongs to Darboe and the UDP’.

Karafa Sonko campaign manager of UDP said if Barrow can betray Ousainou Darboe and Aji Yam Secka then anyone who follows him should know he will betray them one day.

He said he knows Kanuma have UDP at heart and the village is united under one voice that even the former President Jammeh was unable to divide.

Yam Secka the deputy party leader of UDP said if Solo Sandeng and Ousainou Darboe did not took to the street Barrow would not have been the president and all the campaign he made was under the ticket of UDP.

She urged sympathises of UDP to be united and nurture each other because they are bond with one common goal. However she is optimistic that 2021 they will vote the Barrow admiration out.

Ousainou Darboe Secretary General and party leader of the UDP urge his supporters to respect President Barrow as demanded by tradition because he is a leader.

He told the people of Kanuma that the UDP belongs to all and no one can divide it.

Meanwhile he also urge Barrow to stop misleading the Gambian people, he said all the monies the President is bragging are not his own money but monies that where given by international community and that he lobby most of this funds when he was a foreign minister ‘I plea to the international community when the world turn their backs on us, I beg them and some of them where approve when I was vice President, NAMs approve a specific amount for the Hakalang road project so no one can claim ownership of it’.

Darboe also question the legality of the President and some cabinet ministers’ side visits to construction side when the right authorities are here. ‘they are not experts in that area what was their role, what happen to National Road Authority, the 200 million spent on allowances could have been spend to boost other sectors’.



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