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Karmic Angels Making Difference in Community Development

By Aramata Jatta

Karmic Angels a Non-profit charitable Organisation based in UK and Gambia contributes to  socio economic development, provision of human resources in The Gambia, creating employment and sharping the society on  a better footing with economic growth, health, education and agriculture.

The International charitable NGO began as a charity in the Gambia in 2008 after a couple named Stephanie and Alan Turner in 2007 raised funds totalling to D65, 000 to get a water pump and taps for a clinic in Kubuneh where they had a defunct well and no water.

With the intervention of the charity, the clinic which was meant for about 20,000 people in 9 villages for the first time had running water for over 18 months.

Sittanunku, in the Upper  Nuimi of North Bank Region of the Gambia has been the greatest beneficiary  of this organization since inception.

Speaking to the Daily News in an exclusive interview, the couple  informs  that they have been working in Sittanunku since 2012 in the areas of  building the nursery school and toilet block and supplying  school materials  , such as school benches , blackboards and school stationery.

With the objective of elevating the lives of rural farmers, the NGO signed an MoU with Minyaanta Association of Sittanunku to help develop the crop fields and a local bakery to boost the livelihood of the community.

The duo confirmed that Sittanunku now has a bank account with funds that have been built up over the years and have invested in a rice milling machine.

Amongst the aims and objectives of the organisation is to make Sittanunku completely self-sufficient by 2030 with their  local bakery. The NGO is currently raising funds for the development of Sittanunku and beyond
“The fencing of the Minyaanta garden is insecure and needs replacing, and the village needs solar street lighting, a staffed permanent clinic, whilst an ambulance would be useful as the village lacks transport. Micro financing for the women for the proposed village market is also a proposal. The bakery has not functioned for around 1 year and is needed to provide local bread to the community and other nearby villages”.

However extending  its arms to Gunjur Kombo South District, the organisation aims to maintain their support thus moulding Gunjur Football Academy to keep up their target of producing  top players in the country.

When asked why North Bank of the Gambia, the couple responded that ‘’One of our members Kebba Lang Sonko introduced us to the village where he was born and we could like to see that,  the people of Sittanunku  have improved livilihood. The youth  volunteered   in the construction of the nursery school, digging of wells and the kaffos helped clear the land for the crop field, they wanted advancements’’.

The organisation have a very cordial relationship, with the villagers ‘’our relationship is that the villagers love Karmic Angels and are so grateful for our continued support for the village. Many of them are very close friends with us.  The Minyaanta Association is contributing 10% of the cost, whiles the  remaining projects are to be fully funded by Karmic Angels’’.

Speaking to this medium  with so much enthusiasm and gratitude Kebbalang Sonko a member and benefactor of the charitable organisation  said, ‘’I was given scholarship to study management at the International Business College from 2010 to 2012, and got  Higher National Diploma in management studies from one of  a very recognised institution in The Gambia’’

This Kebba said has helped him to attained higher education In community development.

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