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Mayor Lowe says BCC is the Only Debt FREE Institution in the Country

By Ousainou J Sawaneh (PrinCE OjeE)

Rohey Malick Lowe, mayor of Banjul City Council has said that her council giving its commitment to improve standards of living in the city remains the only debt free Council in the country.

“Then the Banjul City Council was owing almost all the Banks in the country but after coming in office as a Council, we make sure that we clear all the Banks we owed but now BCC remains the only debt free Council in the country” she said
Mayor Lowe made these remarks last Saturday at Mosque Road during a town hall meeting.

She added that they also maximized council revenue with a margin of 45%, closing all council’s accounts except two.

She further said that they also reduced trade license for tailors, carpenters, barbers, mechanics, saloons and corner shops to balance it thereby increasing the trade licenses for banks, shipping agencies and other institutions that are operating in higher capacities.

The first female mayor in the country went on to say that they also had a massive restructuring and as such addressed issues of ghost workers, established a procurement office, appointed qualified finance director and reinforcement of their accounts department, established a records office, recruited more city security guards, introduced a suggestion box and digital clock in and clock out system, and brought back electricity to council hence council was running on generator for more than 4 years before they came into office.

She also said they have also upgraded the capacity of staff through capacity building as well as embarked on salary and allowance increment for all staff and councilors.

The council she also said has awarded scholarships to more than 200 youth within the City of Banjul, paid medical bills for inhabitants who were seriously ill, donated two well-equipped ambulances to EFSTH and Banjul Red Cross Society, donated schools with books and other useful materials, donated waste bins and sanitary materials to the schools as well as helped school teachers in the area of capacity building by sending them abroad for bilateral studies.

According to her, they also improved the Waste Managing System in the City of Banjul by supplying free trash cans/waste bins to all compounds in the City and now collect waste twice every week from each compound.

The council she said also mobilized the counterpart contribution funds for the building of the BCC Complex and the Youth for Excellence Centre but also build the smart hub with 8 classes at Crab Island School.

The council has also sponsored Banjulians to attend international conferences, supported culture, music and religious activities, provided aid to disaster victims, and also made immense contribution during the covid-19, she said further.

In addition to the above, council has also provided D10 million as a loan with a minimal administrative cost attached to empower women of Banjul through the Rohey Malick Lowe Women and Girls Empowerment initiative.

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