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Mayor Lowe Unveils Successes After 4 Years in Office

By Ousainou J. Sawaneh (PrinCE OjeE)

Rohey Malick Lowe, Lord Mayor of the Banjul City Council has unveiled successes after years of being in office. Lowe came into office in May 2018, with the inspiration and hope to bring about a better BCC. ‘‘we came in to office to help make BCC a more service delivery institution with motivated staff who have the capacity to deliver services over and beyond the expectations of the people’’ she said.

Since then Lowe and her team over the years have made a tremendous efforts and a massive restructuring was done in council which addressed different issues to make sure BCC is a more livable city.

Lowe made these remarks yesterday evening as she continue her engagements with the residents of Tobacco Road in the Banjul North Constituency.

The tour mandated by the Local Government Act 2002 requires the Mayor to visit communities within the City of Banjul and to hear directly from the residents about the constraints they face daily and the meeting is also geared towards bridging the gap between the council and the people in the city.

Over thousands of Gambian population living within the Banjul City and hosting the seat of the Presidency, Ministry offices, government departments and most of the major businesses within the Gambia. BCC is the Commercial center of the Gambia, it is where everybody is but nobody is from, it is a melting pot with all tribes living harmoniously within the KM. Banjul City Council is the heart of The Gambia.

According the Mayor the Council has strived to make Banjul City even better by sponsoring the students in the city adding that this was done by awarding Scholarships to more than 200 Youths within the City of Banjul.

‘‘These students are currently enrolled at – UTG, MDI, Gambia College, Ida’s idea, School of nursing, GTMI and IT institutions, Senior, Junior, Lower Basic and Nursery schools’’ she said.

She further said the council has donated books to the schools and other useful materials in order to refurnish their libraries. ‘‘Waste bins, sanitary materials (Bleach, OMO, Buckets, facemasks, etc.) were also donated to the schools. We also helped school Teachers in the area of capacity building by sending them abroad for bilateral studies’’ she added.

The wellbeing of everyone is at the heart of the council and with this, BCC Mayor said the council has paid medical bills for inhabitants who were seriously ill and donating two well-equipped ambulances to the EFSTH and Banjul Red Cross Society Contribute to the welfare of the hospital especially the mortuary.

Waste management has been the burning issues of our society for years.
Under the leadership of Lowe, BCC has brought about the unprecedented waste management initiatives and improving the Waste Managing System in the City of Banjul.

‘‘We supplied free trash cans/waste bins to each and every compound in the City and we now collect the waste twice every week from each compound’’ she said.

She said under her leadership the council has acquired four waste trucks noting that the council was operating without trucks.

‘‘Acquired four waste trucks and it is important to know that before coming to office, council was operating without waste trucks Mobilize the counterpart contribution funds for the building of the BCC Complex and the Youth for Excellence Centre’’ she said.

On the EU funded project Mayor Lowe said the planting of coconut trees at the Beach, planting of mangroves at the Tanbi Wetland and greening of the inner City has also took place while thanking the Banjul-Oostende EU funded project.
Banjul Mayor added that the project will be building smart hub with 8 classes at the crab island school, reiterating that the building is currently on-going and it will accommodate a community radio, TV and a music centre.

‘‘Tali Dawda Road project in Tobacco Road- Banjul North Constituency Fencing of the dump site, which is currently on-going. Thanks to the Banjul-Oostende EU funded project. Supporting Culture, Music and religious activities. Lightening of the City which has already started and will continue shortly’’ she said.

In pursue to make a better BBC, Lowe said her council has sponsored Banjulians to attend international conferences in Ghana, Nepal, Scotland and Senegal.

She said the council have utilize development diplomacy in other to archive their goals and ambitions for the council, ‘‘Twining with City of Saginaw- Texas- USA, City of Manheim-Morocco and City of Dakar- Senegal. Sponsoring Banjulians to attend international conferences in Ghana, Nepal, Scotland, Senegal’’ she said
Mayor Lowe said council has very close collaborations with CSOs through the Banjul Youth and Sports Committees

On the REFELA initiative, Lowe reveals that they have provided 10 million Dalasi as a loan with a minimal administrative cost attached to empower the Women of Banjul through the RML Women and Girls Empowerment initiative. Refela activities also complementing council’s efforts.

On good governance BCC Mayor said a massive restructuring was done in council which addressed the issues of establishment of the procurement office with qualified officers adding that this has helped minimized slippages and regularized the purchase of council, this has yield dividend for Council to save heavily.

‘‘Appointment of a qualified finance Director and reinforcement of the accounts department with equipment and personnel. The Establishment of the records office, this has helped with the proper filling of staff and to save guard other council’s documents’’ she said. 

She said recruitment of more city security guards. Initially, the council had 25 securities and now they have recruited 45 securities more adding that this helped to reinforce the security guards of the Banjul Royal Albert Market, Crab Island School. 

‘‘Reduction of trade license for tailors, carpenters, barbers, mechanics, saloons and corner shops etc. to balance it thereby increasing the trade licenses for banks, shipping agencies and other institutions that are operating in higher capacities. Maximized council revenue with a margin of 45%’’ she said

Giving its commitment to improve standards of living in the City, Council remain the only debt free Institution in the country.

‘‘Upgrading the capacity of staff through capacity building. Recognizing the invaluable contribution of Council’s staff to attain its prime objective, Council has embarked on Salary and Allowance increment for all Staff and Councilors’’ she said.

The Global Pandemic of covid-19 has devastated the world and BCC is no exception. In response to the Global Pandemic and the impact it has had on our communities, under the leadership of Mayor Lowe, her council have initiatives in stopping the spread and help the communities curb by supporting them with food aid and sanitary items.

‘‘Council made an immense contribution during the covid’19 thereby distributing essential food items, facemasks, sanitary materials etc., to the City dwellers’’ she said.

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