Wednesday, October 20, 2021


It is very unfortunate that some of our ministers are easily taken away by tribal sentiments; and that they have succeeded in reducing themselves to be very myopic by publicly uttering statements that is capable of inciting tribal fracas. Hon Minister Hamat N.K.Bah is one such person.

How can a very senior cabinet member and very long standing leading politicians use public stage at the seat of government and called on Gambians to vote on tribal lines?  And not only did he call for such tribal voting but called his colleagues politicians rats, this is really much uncalled for.

The most unacceptable thing about the whole thing is that, as he made such derogating statements the President of the republic was seated and all he (President) can do is to clap and laugh. This is really much uncalled for.

This is not the first time Minister Bah made such tribal statements; it could be recalled in 2018 as the President was going on the usual meet the people’s tour, Bah is on record for picking on the Mandinkas, saying who do they think they are? He told a crowd that the Mandinkas do not own the Gambia and that the Gambia belongs to all.

Yes it is correct that the Gambia is not owned by any single tribe and that it belongs to all; but it was not proper for a cabinet Minister to pick on a single tribe as topic of a political address. On the same tour with the President, he Hamat Bah repeated the same tribal bullying at Salikene village in the Central Baddibu district; until at Farafenni when Karamo Jadama responded to him and remind the Minister to be mindful of his tribal statements.

It is only better for the country that we have responsible Ministers, whose public addresses, will not cause any incitements, particularly tribal incitements. Bah should be reminded that he is paid by tax payers money and that include all and sundry.

The call for Fullas to vote  for President Barrow in the next presidential election is very myopic for Minister Bah; because no single tribe can make any individual presidential aspirant win elections here in the Gambia. The reasons are there is no single tribe in the country that has an absolute majority.

It is very unfortunate for Bah, as he was speaking as a desperate person who seems not to be in charge and is blaming some government officials for not treating a particular ethnic group unfairly. Bah forgets that he is a cabinet member and they are the ones who can come up with policies to address such and not another people.  It’s a demonstration of a failed government.



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