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Must Alikali of Sankandi Explain his Absence?

When is it mandatory on village heads to attend and give welcome remarks on State functions? the Governor of Lower River Region has to write officially to the Alikali of Sankandi village in the Kaing West district asking him to explain his absence on the occasion of the President lying of the Sankandi-Karantaba raod project. This is ridiculous, why should a whole office of Governor bring herself down to such a level?
In her letter to the Alikali , Governor Rohey John Manjang said the Alikali should write and explain why he was not present on the day when President Barrow laid the Sankandi –Karantaba road project. She told the Alikali to give reasons why he was not present on such an occasion which development will impact on the life and livelihood of the people of Kiang West. This letter was dated 15 July 2021.
This government must stop politicizing the office of the Alikalos; the position is traditional and they are not on the pay roll of the government so it should not be mandatory for them to be present on such occasions.
Why would the Governor of all people write asking him the Alikalo to provide answers to why he was not present when the President was laying a road project at Sankandi? Alkalos are not paid so it cannot be mandatory for them to provide such answers.
What then, will the Governor do if the Alkalo provides answers which she the Governor is not satisfied with? Must it have to be only the Alikalo to give the welcome speech? In the absent of the Alkalo there is always someone who can step in the place of the Alikali, why is it a big thing that will warrant the Governor to ask the Alkalo to explain his absence; if the whole thing is not politically motivated?
The Barrow regime must leave the office of the Alikalos nonpolitical. The office of the district Seyfoos and Alikalos must be none political and none partisan., that is what the constitution says.
Recently we have seen where the President invited some of the Alikalos and trying to induce them into politics by telling them that come 2022 Alikalos will be paid salaries.
Governor Manjang should then wait until that comes true before she could send such a demanding letter to an Alkali. But even there it must be part of their term of Reference or Job Description (JD).

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