Monday, May 17, 2021



Kerewan Area Council has been applauded by the National Assembly Select Committee on Local Government on the construction of a D9million hostel, for heeding to the advice and recommendations on waste management and proper sewage system.

Abdoulie Khan Director of Finance,  Kerewan Area Council said the purpose of the hostel is to serve as a source of revenue for council.

” The Chairman forgo the building of an office structure at kerewan and we decided before doing that and living a luxurious life at the office to build a hostel which will serve as a source of revenue for the council” Khan said.

Moving Forward, last year when the committee visited the Farafeni market the toilet and waste management were in a very disheartening stage, the members lamented bitterly and made some advice and recommendations to the council.

Upon arrival at the market the members expressed satisfaction as the council have heeded to their advice   by digging a sewage system. Members told Council  that this is what the people who pay their money on a daily basis expect from them.

Binta Jammeh, a Market Vendor who spoke on behalf of the beneficiaries confirmed to the members that the council  have lived up to expectations and have abide by the COVID 19 regulations set by the government to fumigate all the markets “we clean the market  fumigate everywhere on a weekly basis.

Apart from that, she pleaded with the council to concrete the floor and level the ground which will give them an enabling environment to work. “When that happens , we will generate more income to pay duty and sustain our family”.

Chairman Hon. Musa Amul Nyassi said “What we saw at the Market is really impressive  as compared to our last tour , when we gave advice to the council on what to adjust on and all of us are a living witness that the eye sore  areas  of the markets have all been addressed.

Notwithstanding he noted that it’s the responsible of local government to redouble their efforts in making sure that they monitor council’s work.” Keep up the spirit and history will celebrate you”.

Meanwhile at the newly constructed market in farafenni which is meant to compensate 226 people who were affected,

Deliberating to the challenges, Chairman told the Committee that they a problem with access road. He also lamented that NRA did not hand over the content of the project yet.

He said another mayor problem his council is facing  is” politicians taking the stalls from vendors,  and will sublet it, council will give it to them at a rate of 4hundred and they will rent it out to 4,000 which has prevent many of our Gambians not to have this stalls”.

Hon.Amul  insisted that “If you have a comprehensive list that shouldn’t be a challenge when it’s time for the stalls to be issued priority should be given to those people”.

The finance Director complaint that since the project started they were not opportuned to lay their hands on the project plan, design nor the amount involved. He said they were not involved in any action.

CEO of the Kerewan Area Council said they cannot ascertain if government will hang over the market to them upon completion. He argued that markets should be handed over to concil they didn’t see any sign that they would.

The chairman of the committe advised them to engage the relevant authorities, so the committee can know what steps they can take

Fatou Gibba, Director of Local Government Minister of Lands said “this is the advocacy we are trying to enhance in all sectors ,they will come to regions implement their projects without involving the councils, councils are the entry points”.

She questioned  how the highest authority in the country can implement projects without involving councils, “office of the president is not an implementing agency they can look for projects and give it to the relevant sectors to implement”.



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