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NAMs Call for Urgent Improvement on Securities’ Living Conditions

By Dawda Baldeh

After completing it constitutional mandate tour, the National Assembly Standing Committee on Defense and Security, call for urgent improvement on the living conditions of the security personals,

Honorable Momodou LK Sanneh, Chairman of the Committee and also who doubles as Deputy Speaker at the National Assembly said, security personals are suffering and their wellbeing needed to be considered.

Speaking to journalists, Honorable Sanneh said, all the security installations visited for the past 6days, the indicated that the committee has seen terrible conditions the security personals are living under.

Honorable Sanneh added; “for a country to maintain peace and stability, security personals must be empowered and if the they are not empowered, the country will be insecure”.

He thanks the officials of our security personals for given them the opportunity to visit their places and assured them a better change in future.

Honorable Dawda Kawsu Jawara said, “we have seen on the ground where our security have put their lives on the line just to keep the country secured without having meaningful resources.

He said, the reason why people believe the security men and women are okey is that they are trained not to complain.

He added, security personals are proud of what they do because they are well trained.

This tour has equipped the committee with firsthand information and will dialogue with relevant authorities to improve the welfare of the secthe security personals.

“This will enhance the committee to come up with strong budget for securities because the previous approach on the budget is different from what is on the ground”, he noted.

What we saw on the ground is different from what we think before was on the budgetary allocation. Our security personals are living in horrible lives.

Honorable Saikouba Jarju, said the job of the securities is to respond when needs arises but in order for them to respond on time, mobility is a necessity.

He said, the moral of the security personals is high and they are ready to sacrifice in any conditions they are in.

He added to make the work easy; they need the necessary equipment and tools to be provided. They need conducive environment with their spouse, Jarju said.

“Our security men and women are living far below human quality of a resident. Feeding is a problem for them and their welfare needs to be considered”, said Hon Jarju.

He disclosed that Gambia is surrounded by Senegal almost everywhere and for the securities to control the boarders, mobility is a key.

“Am urging the our men and women not to lose hope with the current conditions they are living, adding they will find a way to improve their living conditions”, he assured.

Honorable Salifu Jawo, most of the rural police stations do not have female counterparts because of the conditions of the place and some women are lactating and they cannot live in such conditions with their babies.

This conditions need to be addressed before it is too late, he ended.

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