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NAMs Finally Killed 2020 Draft Constitution

Unfortunately some of our elected members and some nominated members of National Assembly have decided to kill the 2020 Draft Constitution prematurely yesterday after a two day debate that ensured on the merits and principle of the Bill.

The Bill was tabled by the Justice Minister Dawda Jallow.

The Constitution Review Commission (CRC) after a wide consultation with Gambians both within and outside of the country, which cost tax payers over D116million has now all gone in the drain by a certain group of members of our National Assembly.

A tiny number of the Gambian population hiding under the name “law makers” otherwise members of the National Assembly decided to kill the Bill, that is suppose change the lives of her citizens positively so prematurely. They fail to give the larger population a chance to have a say in the supreme law that is to govern them.

The decision is very serious and grave that, the population will never forgive those responsible of the unpatriotic behavior of some of our law makers. If there are any masters for members of the National Assembly members, it is the electorates. Acting without regard for electorates is one of the serious mistakes that this Assembly has just done.

The draft that is just killed prematurely, based on sentiments and purely political calculations, however the population will never forgive and it will follow those responsible all through to their graves.

The document when its gets to its fruition shall become a national document and one person can take credit but the people of the Gambia.

Now the question to ask is what next? What about all the progressive innovations that come from the people? Is the National Assembly telling us we do not need a presidential term limit, some the people of this country fought for? These and many un-answered questions need answer now and then, NAMs.

Gambian does expect sooner or later this government or some other elements of members of the Assembly will not come up with Bills to pick from the draft that , they killed prematurely, we think not.

Gambians are disappointed with this so-called National Assembly whose members were beating their chest for not being a rubber stamp; but where is the distinction or difference between these members and the ones before them? We will leave the answers to come from Gambians themselves.


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