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NAMs Ratify DCAF-Gambia Agreement

By Aramata Jatta
After the last sitting of the National Assembly, three (3) months ago National Assembly of the second Republic of the Gambia has on Monday 15th March 2021 began the first ordinary session of the 2021 legislative year at the Assembly chambers in Banjul.
Members of the National Assembly ratified the Agreement between the government of the Gambia and the Geneva Centre For Security Sector (DCAF) which seeks to contribute to meaningful security sector reform and accountability leading to improved peace and security for the Gambian population.
This Motion was tabled by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Mamadou Tangara ”following the election of President Barrow in December 2016, the newly elected government launched a series of inclusive reform as part of the government’s wider reform agenda to uphold the highest standards of democracy, good governance and rule of law”.
DCAF is dedicated to making states and people safer through more effective and accountable security, justice, rule of law and human rights.
DCAF assists partner states in developing laws,institutions,policies and practices to improve the governance of their security sector through inclusive and participatory reforms based on international norms and good practices.
Security Sector Reforms (SSR) have been implemented in the Gambia since 2017 including in the military,police and intelligence services.
It is an open secret that during Jammeh’s tenure , security forces were often used as weapons against citizens and were implicated in human rights violations such as torture, enforced disappearances extra-judicial killings ad arbitrary arrests.
The implementation of the project in the Gambia focused on supporting the government, in its efforts to launch a deep and inclusive SSR process. The project also aims to strengthen the civilian oversight of SSR through specific support to parliament, CSOs and media.
Moving forward in fostering Inter-Parliamentary diplomacy and development of bilateral and cooperative relations, deputies adopted the motion which was tabled by the Majority Leader Hon.Kebba K. Barrow to establish a Parliamentary Friendship Group between the Gambia and other countries such as Senegal, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania,Serbia, and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
This motion aims at strengthen the already bilateral relations that exist between the Gambia and the aforesaid countries.

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