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Presidential pronouncements are policy statements and that is why such statements have to be well calculated before they are made. In 2017 President Barrow promise the people of Brikama with street lights, Wi-Fi and CCTV cameras; if these promises were met Brikama would have been the first of its kind in Gambia.

That promise is what member for Brikama South Hon Lamin J Sanneh reminded President Barrow by a parliamentary question.

Vice President Dr. Isatou Touray responding to the question said, she has no idea as when exactly these promises will be fulfilled but the government of President Barrow have the development of the country at heart and that the government is progressively working towards the development of the country.

Further pushed by Hon Omar Ceesay of Niamina East, who asked if the President’s promise was not only a mere political statement to gain some political capital out of it, since the promise was made some three years ago? VP Touray disagree   to that and said the government of Barrow is out to develop the country and that this has to do with processes and like many are witness, that there are already poles piled in Brikama.

Responding to another question thought not related but important is a question from member for Banjul North who asked  that  how much of the food aid is distributed? V P Touray said as she speaks 80% of the distribution is met. This implies that 80% of the beneficiaries was also met. She concur that the rain is already here and most of the food stuff are in the open; however she said that kind of stuff are now moved to a secured places.



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