Monday, January 25, 2021


Almamo Kamaso

The by-election at Niamina West is one of the Cabinets vs. Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) and not between GDC and National People’s Party (NPP), said MC Cham junior.

“The Barrow camp will fail as they will not win the election which election will be “all win for the GDC”. This is a referendum for NPP or Barrow as he has put all cabinet members on the ground and also forced the Chiefs and Alikalos to join their side. This is what use to happen here but it’s worse under Barrow” Cham said

MC Cham junior is the National Youth President for the opposition party, Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC).    He spoke to the Daily News on line from Niamina West yesterday. Cham said the by-election campaign is flooded with several cabinet ministers using government resources for a particular political party, which is the NPP.

This he said is the replica of what use to happen here during the Jammeh era; Cham call for the immediate withdrawal government ministers at the expense of the state as they are using state resources.

Commenting on some of the political parties supporting the NPP at this  by-election, Cham said most of them should be deregistered as they woefully fail to meet the IEC requirements of having regional offices across the country. He referred to some of them as workshop political parties.

As to what the former APRC supporter and now NPP , Seedy Njie’s notion that all APRC supporters will vote for the NPP, Cham said in the first place , to have the records straight , there is no APRC in Niamina West they are all DGC.

He said  as for someone who cannot win in his own constituency (Nianija) seat in the last parliamentary elections  , how  can he influence vote pattern in Niamina West?

Cham said the campaign is trouble free so far , but assured that the NPP and their boss Barrow will fail woefully as this seat is going back to where it belong. The people of Niamina are not for sale. He said as for GDC they do not have money but they are sending meaningful messages and their messages are heard.


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