Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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None Gambians Keep off Domestic Politics

The non-Gambians must keep off hands from the domestic politics of Gambia and Gambians, as the country is heading towards major elections. In just under a few months and to be précised in December 2021 there will be Presidential elections where the people of the Gambia will have to determine who should be the President of the country.
To get to the point where a leader of the country will be chosen, there are necessary steps to be taken from registration of voters and the voting exercise and coupled with political campaigns.
The citizens are to first be registered to qualify as a voter, which exercise should be conducted by the Independence Electoral Commission (IEC). This process and the documents to be awarded (VOTER CARD) are only meant for true Gambian citizens only. There should be no way a non-Gambian be availed to those persons.
It is clearly wrong and criminal for non-Gambians to try by false means to get Gambian voters cards for a subsequent participation in the elections of our respective leaders. Where these people managed to escape the rules to the point of getting the documents, the citizens have the right to objected to them holding the documents, that are not qualify to obtain.
It is on record that some highly positioned government officials have invited and qualify that some of the non-Gambians who lives in border line villages, and are lives in Senegal to come and take national documents. This has to be stopped.
The call to the political parties, who are key stakeholders in elections and electioneering activities, is here sounded to keep an eye on non-citizens attempts to grab national document in order to enable them take part in the elections of representatives.
There is a need for the civil society also to be engaged in sensitizing non-Gambians to keep away from obtaining national documents that will make it possible for their participation in domestic politics and the consequences of such act.
The message that non-Gambians should keep their hand off our domestic politics must be made boldly clear and their involvements criminal.

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