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None Gambians will take a big risk to Try obtain our voters Cards

By Almamo Kamaso
The citizens of other countries who are residing in the Gambia, and equally even those none Gambians who live outside the country must stay away from our voter registrations in the fourth coming elections of the Gambia.
“We are ready for anything and shall put in place all necessary measures to spot cross border registrations and eventual participation in our elections by none citizens” Hon Madi M.K.Ceesay states.
Speaking in an exclusive interview to the Daily News yesterday, Hon Ceesay told the Daily News that there is information circulating in the social media indicating that certain senior government officials and some politicians have under taken to make trips within the sub-region in a bid to get none Gambian participate in our election.
He stress that his party and other stakeholders will not take such information for granted; and therefore warn that none Gambians will take a big risk if they try to obtain our national documents in a bid to participate in our voter registration or talk less participate in the 2021 Presidential elections.
Hon Ceesay said the 2021 election is one of a do or die elections as said by Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe of Banjul. My party is not taking anything for granted and will make sure the knots are all tighten for free and fair elections.
The Serekunda West United Democratic Party (UDP) lawmaker said Gambia is well known for her hospitality and generosity to none Gambians living here but cannot allow them to take part in our local politics. The warning is that, they can continue to live and operate here peacefully by respecting the laws of the land. Ceesay encourage those none Gambians to regularize their status if they want to take part in the local politics of the country.
Commenting on the diaspora elections, Ceesay said the Barrow Administration is not committed to the diaspora registration and eventual voting. “If the Barrow government were committed they would not have waited until the eleventh hour to table the 2021 Elections Bill, knowing very well that there are a lot challenges to tackled” Hon Ceesay said.
The member uses the opportunity to inform the diaspora population that they are being disfranchised by their own government, a right that is God given. He called on all to vote Barrow outcome December 4th 2021.

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