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Addressing hundreds of GDP supporters at Sambang Mandinka   recently in the Niamina West by-election campaign, the Leader and Secretary General of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) Hon Mama Kandeh revealed that President Adama Barrow did promise (7) elders of the district for chieftaincy and another (3) were promised for Governorship in the region and district.

This is pure politics of deception, how is it possible for seven people to become chiefs in one district , or three natives to become Governors of the same region at the same time? This is not possible all they are doing is to fool the people. He warns that Barrow and his NPP must stop politics of deception.

Knadeh said the NPP is not long into politics, all they are peddling is deceptive and tribal politics.  He warn the people of Niamina  to be mindful of NPP who do not have the people at heart. He reminded the people of Niamina West that for 4 years what has the  (Barrow) led government done for the people of Niamina? “Your health posts are empty of drugs and they were not able to buy your farm produce” Kandeh said.

He told the audience who were in their hundreds that if the Barrow comes today with empty promises, it is all to fool you and get your votes, refuse them,   and maintained your loyalty to the GDC.

Hon Kandeh condemned the Leader of the   National Reconciliation Party (NRP) Hamat N.K  Bah who also is the Tourism Minister for his hate speech and  the spread of  tribal statements.

Kandeh said,  Hamat’s  claimed of   Fullas being subjected to sufferings under the previous governments is unfounded and was just to strike a wedge between Fullas and other tribes.  However even if that is  the case today, the  GDC boss said then , that was because of the Leadership of Adama Barrow. This so because it is Adama who will claimed that he is a Fulla today and tomorrow he will claimed to be a Mandinka, then Wolof or  Sarahuleh.

Kandeh mentioned   three places where Fullas were among the educated Gambians. These are Sintete, Niamina and Mansajang, and those educated are aware and are in for the development of Gambia.

The GDC leadership told his supporters, that  none of those educated people will   allow them to have their heads knock against other tribes’ heads.

The Leading politician said if Hamat Bah claimed that Fullas suffered here , what did he Bah have done for those  Fullas in order to change their conditions?


Kandeh can recalled that during the time of Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, Late Assan Musa Camara was a Fulla , M.C Cham , M.C Lallow and Mathew Yaya Baldeh, Omar Sey  were all cabinet ministers. Kandeh also reminded Hamat that up to the time Yahaya Jammeh left his Vice president was a Fulla, Buba  Baldeh and the likes of Sajor Jallow were all Fullas,

However he said even if those were Fullas,  they were not working for tribe but they were working for their country. He advises that Hamat , that he must stop peddling such tribal utterances. Kandeh said if Fullas suffered under any regime , then it is  the Barrow regime.


Turning to Barrow, Kandeh said let him go and find money because he said he will buy Gambians. Kandeh warn that even if Barrow buys all Gambians, plus the trees of the land he will go come 2021 elections. Gambians are not for sale Kandeh warn.

GDC boss said if the people of Niamina were to vote for money then he would not have won here, nor will his late candidate would have won here in Niamina, as he Mama Kandeh did not bribe anyone to vote for him or his candidates. . The people of Niamina are not for sale.

Responding to Presidential Adviser Saikou Mballow  , Kandeh said he Mballow said even if Mama is for sale he is not worth D1000, “my  only message for him is that am not his  class, and that am not for sale but even if I am for sale he Mballow cannot buy me” Kandeh. Kandeh warn  Mballow that if he  is able , let him start from his home in their home village.

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