Tuesday, April 20, 2021



The by-elections in the Niamina West Constituency will tell how unpopular the Barrow camp is,  Hon Omar Ceesay of the GDC and sitting member for the Niamina East Constituency told the Daily News in an exclusive interview today.

“The electorate of Niamina West are not as desperate as the NPP who are trying  to patch up their disorganized campaign in this looming by-election” Ceesay.

Responding to the question of NPP as the President’s party, honorable Ceesay said the president’s political party NPP, was exclusively formed within the four corners of the State House without the full involvement of the masses,  but only  by a few political none –starters whose future is tied to Barrow’s presidency ,and  that is why , they are doing everything in their power to ensure they safeguard and protect their positions. This group Ceesay went on; they are hoping that with Barrow at the helm of affairs their interests and future can be secured.

Honorable Ceesay asked if one would be wrong to call NPP a State house party  (SHP) as they continue to hold rallies there.

Similarly, the establishment of the said party, Ceesay said, by few elites in the state house undermines the political participation and consultations at the grassroots. The manner of its formation makes the electorate to view the party as a party of few selfish individuals who are desperate as there are no effective structures in place across the country.

As it stands now, the GDC member said the only functional executive position in the NPP are the party’s interim  leader and the Admin Secretary, which flouts  the IEC requirement of a complete executive structure, this structure NPP  is yet to be meet.

Furthermore, Hon Ceesay claimed that,  both the regional and sub- regional committees of the party are fragile and weak as they are formed out of desperation, betrayal of the national trust and agenda. The young politician said NPP cannot be a true national political entity that can unite and protect the cohesion of national integrity.

However, Ceesay said the grapevine has it that the party leader might not be elected flag bearer by the Congress due to his incapacity to mend the looming fragmentation of the interest groups competing to control and manage him. This he said has now shown signs that the party is losing support at the grassroots and becoming very unpopular.



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