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OJ Succeeds killing PPP Hon Touma Njie Claims at Congress

By Fatou Dahaba
Tension persists at People’s Progressive Party’s national congress at Brikama-Ba in Lower Fulladou West in the Central River region amid nomination of candidates before they proceed to vote.
Hon Touma Njie reacted to what had happen in the PPP’s congress where she and her delegates walked out in protest of what she calls fraudulent elections. Njie said OJ has finally succeeded in killing the PPP.
The two aspirants for the position of Secretary General and party leader were Kebba Jallow the interim party leader and Hon Fatoumata Touma Njie National Assembly member for Banjul South. The voting stage of the congress could not proceed as normal as Njie and her supporters stand their grounds.
Hon Njie insists that no elections without the party’s financial statements being laid before the congress. Things get to point where some delegates vow to die if they are not allowed to vote for their candidate of choice.
There were two camp Touma Njie and Kebba Jallow but the Touma camp alleged and claim that the other camp were trying to seal the election because the names of their delegates are tampered and manipulated with and as voting was about to start they storm out and Touma said she will challenge issue at the IEC.
Out of 53 constituencies 5 were not represented, 20 storm out with Touma and 28 voted during the election.
Kebba Jallow was elected as the Party’s Secretary General and party leader. He gives his victory speech after 92 delegates voted for him at the congress. His challenger and her supporters stormed out after they claimed the election was manipulated in favor of her opponent.
It could be recalled that similar things happened in the party’s last congress, where BB Darboe said the election was manipulated in favor of his opponent Papa Njie now Gambia’s Ambassador to Nigeria and challenge the matter before court.
Whether actions of Hon Njie will not tannish the image of the PPP party, the newly elected party leader said it can never tannish their image as such things are natural in politics, stressing that there was nothing fraudulent and manipulated in the entire process.
He reassured his commitment to work with President Barrow in the development and best interest of the country ‘ PPP give me mandate to run the party and I will do it to the best interest of my ability.’
Fatoumata Touma Njie described the entire process of the election as fraudulent noting there was no transparency in the manner it was conducted. She pointed out that in every congress there should be Treasurer’s report as party sympathizers should able to know where and how they were spending money on their behalf. She claimed if there is no transparency within the party, if they are voted in to government there will be no transparency.
Another thing she was advocating for, is that candidates to read out their manifestos before the delegates , this her opponent disagree and said there was no such thing in the program agenda and she cannot impose it on them. ‘OJ has succeeded killing PPP, Njie told congress.
The Hon member reassured that she will never relent on the issue as PPP belong to no single person but everyone and she will fight till her last breath.
There were six positions 4 went no opposed and remaining two were Secretary General and party leader and Deputy Secretary General and party leader. Hon Muhammed Ndow member for Banjul Central was elected the party’s new Deputy Secretary General and party leader after his opponent Pa Ousainou Saho withdraw his candidature at the congress.
Kebba Bah Chairman CRR North expressed disappointment as his delegates were not allowed in and not given their delegate cards but instead some people were taken in their favor to vote for Kebba Jallow, he point fingers to the current leadership.
On his part the newly Deputy party leader said the mess that happens on the ground won’t affect their party adding Hon Touma is the one causing all the confusion and she is just one individual and cannot destroy the peace in the party.

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