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Our Nene Galleh is no More

One of the finest and hardworking staff of the Daily News dies on Friday the 9th October 2020. Nene Galleh Barry who started her career as a freelance reporter for the Daily Newspaper rose to the position of a senior reporter until she met her death last Friday. She was until her demise the paper’s permanent reporter at the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC).

She died after a very short illness leaving a very big gap at the Daily News; Galleh commonly called by her co-workers and friends at the Daily News,  is also connected to several media organizations in and outside of the Gambia. She is a prominent member of the Female Journalist Association, the Trade and revenue connected media organization, just to name a few media groupings she belongs to.

Above and all she is a member of the Gambia Press Union (GPU} an umbrella organization for journalists in the Gambia.

Before joining the Daily News,  Galleh was a reporter with TODAY Newspaper, and it was only  when the proprietor of that paper close business, that she shifted her attention to one of the local papers and that was the Daily News.

The business of journalism is not a lucrative one and more so during the second republic, when journalists suffer from arbitrary arrests, tortures and imprisonments; but with all those likelihoods, Galleh chooses that very difficult profession, all in the interest of informing, educating and entertaining her countrymen and women.

She is one of those women who took the rough path in national development. She came in the profession at a time when many shy-away, because the job was a very risky one , under the Jammeh regime.

Like many journalists working under one of the most hostile environment in the sub-region , under the Jammeh regime,  Galleh was also not spared.  In the 2011s, she authored an article on the TODAY newspaper, where a child was seen scavenging at the Bakoteh dumpsite in a school uniform, that did not go down well with the regime.

The paper had to pay a prize, it was dragged to court by the authorities, but the Editor, (Adiamo) being professional took the whole responsibility, rather leaving it with Galleh who was the author of the article. He dearly paid for the article and saved Galleh from the powers that were.

The Daily News, management and staff wish to send their sincere condolences to the family, esteem readers and friends. The team prays that Allah grants the 34 year old Nene Galleh Barry the highest jannah in the heavens.



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