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Our Women Folk Not Reduced to Dancers and Singers

Parliamentary Correspondent

“Our women folk must not to be reduced to mere dancers and singers during our political campaigns” Hon Sulayman Saho member for Central Baddibu constituency. The honourable member was contributing to a debate on the Woman’s Amendment Bill 2020.

Hon Saho said the Bill is not a controversial one and therefore he is fully in support of it. Saho said he is disassociating himself from previous speakers who are of the view that the Bill is alien.

Speaking earlier the Honourable Minister for Justice Dawda Jallow told the law makers that; The Amendment is intended to review and amend the provisions of the Act n that are discriminatory against Women as amended by section 25 of the Act.

Hon Saho said section 25, is calling for the reservation of all political and public offices should allow at least thirty percent to women.

The reservation of thirty percent for women is progressive; he was quick to ask how many women are currently in this parliament?  Very few are elected and equally very few are nominated.

During our political campaigns it is these women folks who cook all the food we eat, dance and sing for us. Do we have to reduce them to inly mere singers and dancers? No he said we should refuse to do so as these are very respective members of our society. He agrees with sections, 43 and 44 both section are in for the empowerment of our women folk.

Responding to members comments , Hon Justice Minister said the members comments are not conytroversal but he wanted to say that if unequal are treated equally , then that is injustice. He argued that the Amendment is required to bring our women folk at level of their men folks.

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