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Police IGP Warn to End Maltreatment of Gambians


By Almamo Kamaso
The Imam of Lasso wharf mosque Imam Alhagie Ebrima Sillah in his weekly sermon on Friday send a very strong message to the Inspector General of police, asking him to end maltreatment of civilians in the hands of police who are under his command.
The Friday weekly sermon also touches on the ugly tribal lines that are being peddled and misused and capable of breaking the peace that our country enjoys.
Imam Sillah also warns Islamic scholars to be truthful and avoid using foul words against one and other.
In his own words, Imam Sillah said am sending this message to the IGP, and telling him to be careful and remember that there were many IGPs before him, and many are going to come after him.
Sillah reminded the IGP that when he sends his men for peace missions they should be careful the way they disperse peaceful gatherings that has no weapon. These people are human and not animals and therefore they should be treated humanely.
Imam Sillah condemned the act of the police in a manner where a young woman was almost made naked in the public by three police officers who were beating her at the home of her political leader, what crime has that poor lady committed, no crime except for showing solidarity with her leader who is said to have lost the election. Dose her or others like her not have the right to show solidarity with their leader? Absolutely yes they do have that right, Sillah said.
The IGP must do all it take to maintain the peace of the country and when the need comes for his men to disperse any gathering, their actions must be guided by the constitution they (the police) must not take the laws into their hands just because they are privilege to put on our uniforms.
It is very dishearten to see men in uniform (police) jubilating for maltreating Gambian civilians, these men (police officers) were jubilating for throwing tear gas on supporters of a particular political party for no just reason. Imam Sillah said we all saw after throwing tear gas on their own brothers and sister, these men were laughing saying “let them come out we have more tear gas to throw on you”, these are our police under the command of the IGP. This is not what we expect from our men in uniform, Mr. IGP.
Imam Sillah urges Islamic scholars to stop insulting others who they feel do not share the same school of thought. Sillah said all are followers of prophet Muhamad , therefoe those who called themselves Sunnis should stop insulting others, because all belong to the same teaching of Prophet Muhamad.
The Imam also told his congregate to stay away from tribalism as it can lead us to nowhere but acrimony. He told the congregation that the rate of tribalism today cannot match that of the Jawara and Jammeh eras. People should stay from making terrible tribal comments and try to keep the peace he concludes.