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Politician Must Stop Use of Govt. Resources into Partisan Politics

Militants of various political parties must come up with concrete moves to stop politicians who havethe advantage of accessing government vehicles, fuel and time to be wasted into their personal political agendas.

For many years Gambians sit and look at politicians wasting state resources not on national issues but rather into their own partisan politics. They the politicians and most of the time , it is those politicians who are cabinet  ministers, regional governors and other civil servants in favor of the sitting president.

This act is among many other reasons why a change of government was effected in December 2016. The same act is resurfacing its ugly head and the best thing to do is make a stop to it right away.

The politicians who are ministers and governors and other civil servants must know that , government time is  that  time , when you  should have been   behind your desk, and be serving the people of the Gambia. That time must not in any way be used for canvasing votes or doing partisan politics. If you do you are doing it at the cost of the tax payer, which has to shop immediately.

That official Vehicle given to you to deliver your service to the country must not be used to travel far and near whiles you are doing your own partisan politics, it is government resource it has to stop immediately.

Now where politicians and the civil society has to come  in, in order  to make these officials and cabinet ministers respect the General Order and stop milking the state by wasting state resources to call their attention to the illegal.

However political parties also have a key role to make sure these ungrateful politicians who are out wasting state resources stop their madness and save state resources by using their own political vehicles or private vehicles as they go about their political campaign. if in the event they refuse and still keep cheating the state by the use of  state time and resources , they (Politicians) must take the necessary legal steps to stop them before some disgruntle militants take the laws into their hands against continued waste of state resources.


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