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Politicians Should Give No Room to Tribal Politics

In recent times there is all signs that tribal politics is being fuelled and the sadness thing about the fuelling of such politics is that it’s the Barrow led government that is fuelling tribal politics in the country. Some two years ago, while the President was on his meet the people’s tour, two years ago, at the rural town of Essau and other places in the North Bank Region (NBR) some of his cabinet ministers, one of who is responsible for Tourism Hamat NK Bah called certain tribes by their tribe, and asked a rhetorical question as to if they think they own Gambia.

The President did not make any reference to such statements in the following meetings ahead either by way of condemning such an uncalled for statement or making a stop to such calls, until at Farafenni  town when a militant spoke against such uncalled for statements?

The government of the day, continues is the fueling of tribal politics by organizing tribal political meetings at the State House. Some state ministers took turns by calling on their tribe men come to State House; and they the State Ministers urged their tribe men and women to vote for Barrow in the coming elections.

Leadership should be by example, the President and his cabinet must not in any way fuel such tribal politics as it will not go well on either side. No good politician can bank on one tribe to give him or her  victory.

Winning at elections is only possible with what is call a popular vote; and no single tribe can give any candidate, be they presidential or parliamentary victory.

It’s very unfortunate that meetings were held at the State House at the expense of the tax payers urging tribes to vote for Barrow. The Tourism minister, the Fisheries minister and the local government ministers are on record of urging their tribes to vote for Barrow.

The Barrow government must be very much aware of the possible dangers of tribalising our political land scape; if any politician or political party do so, it will only make them see their end so soon. Lets make sure our politics is not ntribalised.

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