Wednesday, October 20, 2021


The 2020  draft Constitution  is rejected by the National Assembly when it failed to have a three-quarter yes, as 23 members voted no , making it impossible to have the required 42 member yes.

It is very unfortunate that our law makers decided to give a blind eye to a total of One Hundred and Twenty-three million, eight hundred and twelve thousand, and fifteen bututs spend on the draft (D123, 812.15) as of last week.

The draft Constitution has over 315 clauses; but what are the contentious clauses among these 315 clauses? Those who voted no were only defending on the points of less than five clauses out of the 315 clauses.

Therefore what is the rationale of totally rejecting the Draft, when there are more than 300 clauses which are none-contentious? Why did the members in the No camp keep talking of the marriage clauses which in their one interpretation said is capable of encouraging gay marriage? That interpretation is very misleading as the marriage clause is very clear and simple. It reads :  “a man and a woman of full age can marriage and make a family “where is the ambiguity?

However others went on to claim that the constitution is retroactive and that the 1977 constitution bar members to come up with retroactive laws. Again that is miss -understood by the No camp and they went on to keep misinforming the population.

The constitution is the supreme law and what it says is final as there are no other law one can make reference to when disputed. Whine the draft says No Gambian can be president for more than ten years of five years whether concurrent or not, is not retroactive.

Since the draft was rejected, many politicians are telling the population some misleading information as indicated above. No one member of the National Assembly has disputed more than five clauses, leaving out over 300 clauses. Why then reject the draft in total?

The proper thing for the members of the National Assembly to do was to have allow the draft go to a referendum for a final decision to come from the bigger population, rather than kill a Bill that cost  tax payers, over D123Million.


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