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Poorly Educated Presidents are Responsible for Africa’s Underdevelopment

By Almamo Kamaso
Uneducated African leaders are the cause of a lot of regional wars which lead to the under development of the continent, said Proff Dr. Aboulie Dumbya. Dumbuya an Islamic scholar was speaking to the Daily News in a one on one interview over the week end.
Speaking on the presidential qualifications for Gambia, Dumbuya said it is a little on the low side. How can we allow half educated people to lead or occupy that very important position? Why it is that minimum qualification for president is not raised to at least a bachelor’s degree? Why just a mere high school certificate?
He opined that uneducated leadership has created more havoc to the people they govern, than offering them a better service. Citing examples of crises in Ethiopia, Proff Dumbuya said the issues of Eretria and main land Ethiopia are as a result of poor educated leadership.
They leadership of Eretria at the time were poorly educated and they were tricked to be part of Ethiopia; but when the level of education grew up , the educated young ones demand for their rights leading to civil wars , where innocent lives perish in their numbers, numbering almost to 370,000 lives all due to uneducated leadership. Cassamance is another example of problems, where the then leadership of Cassamance were deceived by the educated ilites of main land Senega. “All these are possible due to uneducated leadership” Dumbuya said.
Dr. Dumbuya called the attention of Gambians to a situation where the bar is too low for our aspiring presidents, and that such will only give us poorly educated presidents. He said he is aware of the 1997 constitution which is calling for a mere high school education for Presidency. “We do not have to fall in a situation like the above named countries” He said.
Those who are looking for presidency must see the country first and they later; he warn that whoever wants the presidency for profit must leave politics and go in for business. A good leader will take death for the benefit of the state, and not the other way round.

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