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President’s Speech not Desirable

The presidential candidates are out and about talking to electorates for them to vote for them into office; This is the last days before December 4th, when the Gambians will finally decide who they will entrust the management of the affairs of the state for the next five years.
The way the campaigns for the Presidency is going are so far not bad; as there are no major clashes even though few are already on record. The peaceful state of affairs of the whole campaign relies much in the hands of mature utterances by potential presidents (candidates).It should be clear to all and sundry that all the six candidates are potential presidents.
The fact that all are potential presidents is all the reason that each are given state security (PIU) Police Intervention Unit; for the personal security of the potential presidents of our dear republic and the no disturbance of their political rallies.
However President’s statements is almost criminal in nature and a security risk. How can President Barrow in a mass political rally said he was the one who ordered that the police used tear gas on 3 Years Jotna protesters; and he also claimed that he was the one who ordered their release.
The injuries inflicted on Abdou Darboe during that protest in the hands of the police should be the sole responsibility of President Barrow; since he admits publicly that he was the one who gave the orders.
It’s very disturbing that one who calls himself president of the republic of the Gambia can say such a thing and be laughing. The utterances are criminal and in a true democracy the victims would have sue the president and demand for compensation. Does the president know how much pain he has cause to those people, and the amount of money spend on their medical treatment?
The President did not know the consequences of him ordering the throwing of teargas on the peaceful demonstrators? It depicts dictatorship.
The Gambians must nib dictatorship from the bud now and right now. There cannot be any dictatorship more than a sitting president who can bypass all protocols of admiration and directly ordered that police fired teargas on peaceful protesters. Should Gambians give the same president a chance who said when he wins the elections he will put an end to all political activities? Well it’s for Gambians to decide which way come December 4th 2021.

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