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Rawdatul Majaalis Reaffirm Support for Sheriff Hydara

By Dawda Baldeh

Rawdatul Majaalis on Thursday organized an event to reaffirm their support to Sheriff Muhammed Sanusey Nano Hydara, held at Semega Janneh hall in Bufazoon.

Speaking at the event, Muhammed Lamin Yaffa, member of the Association said, the event was organized after when they had several meetings with the Supreme Islamic Councils in other for them to be on the same term including their meeting the Minister responsible for religious affairs in this country but they don’t agree with them.

According to him, the Supreme Islamic Council was established to followed the deen of the beloved prophet and the first leader in 1992 was Alagie Soriba Gassama, but in 1994 when Yahya jammeh took over some scholars from Saudi came in together with the president and remove Soriba in replacement of their own system.

He went on explaining that, after the removal of Soriba, he was replaced by Banding Drammeh and the situation was a bit ok until when they removed him. Adding that when the new system is introduced everything has changed as they are ruling on their own way.

“The Supreme Islamic Council is not democratic and they said they are here for all but since then no regular voting has taken place in the Council, this is because they don’t want the Majaalis to have positions in the Council”

He also said: people in the Council think that all the other set of Seen are “Bida” and they are the only one following the “Deen”

However Sheikh Abdoul Kadi Kandeh, the second Vice President of Majaalis added that, the reason why the Majaalis are belittled as  their rights are taken from them and they are the People that brought “Deen” into this country.

“We the Majaalis are the people on the right path of the deen because we are operating according to what Allah said and the prophet”, he said.

Kantai Ceesay, rep from region one also said: they will fight for the “Deen” to make sure that People follow the right path. Adding that, people should fight for Islam and avoid Islam with politics.

He further said, Majaalis will forever move forward because it is based on the “Deen” of Allah and the prophet.


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