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Restaurant Owner & Others Watch their Properties Demolish

Ousainou J. Sawaneh (Prince Ojee)

Jula Ceesy a Restaurant owner at Bakoteh, opposite the Police station have pointed fingers to the Physical Planning over the demolition of his restaurant and other shops in the area, saying “they do not respect the laws” as the matter is still at the High Court.

Ceesay whose restaurant was demolished by the Physical Planning on Wednesday said he was not aware of any notice to demolish his restaurant and others shops around him. He added that Physical Planning has not shown him any document that he should leave the place as the matter is still at the courts, ” I do not know anything about this demolition and I was not given any notice that indicates that I should leave. He said they are doing it without my consent” he said

He said he received a call from one Magistrate Camara informing him that, Physical planning are demolishing his restaurant and shops around it. He said he was surprise and told him how comes because this matter is still at the court.

“The businessman told the Daily News that the act is just to help one foreigner who just bought the compound behind us here” he said

He added the act is without respect and they taking the law in to their own hands, “they have to respect laws of our land, the foreigner has no right over us.

Ceesay claimed that for almost ten years he operates from this place.

“If you are removing someone from a place then, you should give the person another place, where he/she can stay and feed my family” he explained

The business man said the Director of planning at the KMC and the Physical Planning is all aware of the matter while calling for justice.

Other affected businesses also cry for justice; Bintou Sosseh a bookshop owner said the matter started since two years back, she said they have been receiving unsigned and unstamped documents with the logo of KMC telling them that they have to vacate from the place because the order is from KMC.

“this was not genuine a document , a document without a signature and a stamp we cannot consider that valid, “we once got a letter from the Court that we should stay, where we are and the compound owner should stay where he is” she said

She also said Physical Planning also brought a letter to them but it was not stamped and “I don’t consider it valid and authentic. She said she don’t even take it because it was not stamped.

The angry business women went on to say ” They have not inform us, and the matter is at the court, so how can Physical Planning demolish our shops without order from the court” and ” I want to ask, are we not citizens of this country or whether someone outside can just come and remove the citizens from wherever they should have their livelihood” she said

Hawa Touray also a vendor expressed anger saying that she will never forgive the people who are behind the uncalled act. She stated that since the time of President Jawara and Jammeh she has been sitting at this place doing her business.
Touray adding that’s where she gets her earnings, to feed her family and to pay the school fees of her children “this act is uncalled for and this has nothing to do with the government but this is act of physical planning”
The Daily News approached the man from Physical planning for an explanation at the site and witness to the demolition, but he refuse to comment.

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