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Sabally Un-veils Ambush Plan to Kill him

By Dawda Baldeh
Momodou Sabally, former Presidential Affairs Minister, and Secretary General under the leadership of Exile President Yahya Jammeh, have cautions President Adaam Barrow and his enablers for threatening to assault him.

“There is a message making the rounds on social media to the effect that President Barrow and his close associates want to ambush me and cause me harm,” Momodou Sabally said at a press conference on Sunday 16 May, 2021.

Sabally said, this is not the first time his name has come up as potential victim in such plans. “I have never reacted to those previous alarms. But this time, I deem it necessary to bring it to the attention of our national security institutions and the international community,” Momodou Sabally said.

He disclosed that he received correspondence closed to the corridors of statehouse and NIA that a plan has been set to harm him and the message reads:
“Breaking News
I got the information from my insider within NIA and Statehouse that, Adama Barrow and Ousman Sowe planing to Ambush Sabally Momodou. Abubakar Jawara , a CRIMINAL BUSINESS MAN offer 1 Million dalasi to each of the rebels selected to ambush SABALLY in their secret meeting held at Abubakar Jawara compound.”

Sabally told journalists that this is not the first time and recently some audio messages were released in the NPP’s Whatsap groups threatening him.

“The first message released stated that I (Sabally), should not visit any Sarahulleh villages in the URR, especially Gambisara, otherwise I would be attacked and physically assaulted,” Momodou Sabally said.

Sabally therefore said, a second audio message was also released from a man believed to be the NPP’s regional chairman in URR, reconfirmed this message of threat against him.

He added that the person went on to say if he (Sabally) visits Gambisara or any other Sarahulleh villages in the URR, the youths of that town should assault him.

However Sabally said his name has been mentioned in many places threatening to assault him and he was silenced about it but this time he will never be silenced.

He said the audio message said “I have been critical and disrespectful to President Barrow.” Sabally added a son of Gambisara, Abubacary Jawara actually declared that URR is a no go area for him, he said.

Sabally said to his shock! not once did any top officials of the NPP come out to adequately condemn these threats of violence coming from their supporters. Nor did the leader of the NPP, President Barrow address his supporters to stop such dangerous statements, he stated.

“I know that I have been a thorn in the flesh of President Barrow and his ministers and close associates,” Momodou Sabally said. And; “I will never be cowered down by any threats.” “I will continue to speak and expose the incompetence and corruption of the Barrow administration.”

However Sabally said, he will go to the Police headquarters to report these threats. He added that since the police are silent about these obvious threats when they know about them; he will visit police headquarters to lay a complaint.

He then urged the newly police IGP to investigate these matters and act accordingly.

The UDP supporter added that he is ready to defend himself in any situation. And any person who is “foolish” enough to be endured to attack me should know that he is doing it at his own peril, he ended.

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