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“SAP is Full of Political Projects” Ahmed Mai Fatty

By Almamo Kamaso

The Leader and Secretary General of the Gambia Moral Congress (GMC), Ahmed Mai Fatty has said that the Finance and Economic Affairs Minister,s request for a Supplementary Appropriation Bill  is full of political project that does recently before the National Assembly asking for more money in the form of a Supplementary Appropriation Bill. Minister Njie claimed that due to COVID-19 pandemic the country needed more funding.

The 2020 Budget stands at 21.3Billion and this what the Finance minister is saying he needs more as the collection GRA was supposed to collect was short due to the COVID-19.

However the former Interior Minister said the irony is that the SAP is full of purely political projects. He said one could have understood if the monies he was asking are to be spend on health and health related projects due to the Coronavirus pandemic, or since we are in the rainy season if the monies were so be spend in the agriculture sector ; but no road constructions and many other political projects.

The Finance minister said our deficit is around 2.5 Billion when he has not revised the budget to get to that conclusions.   The outspoken politician said SAP is full of nothing but merely political projects and monies he is requesting are just unrealistic.

GMC Leader a former Interior Minister touched on our security sector which is said the reform is yet to be finished. He criticised our security reforms as not much was achieved. He said if any country’s security is depending on outside forces then there is a security problem. He said its three years since our security lies in the hands of the ECOMIG which is not ideal. He called on government to make sure our soldiers be in charge of our security.

Fatty said the Gambia government is paying more than 8 Million USD, this has gone up to 14Million USD. This is because Gambia and Senegal agreed and signed a contract where some Senegalese Soldiers who are not part of the ECOMIG to serve on our soil. These are the soldiers who serve in the Fonis




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