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Shortage of Teachers, Furniture Hit Sinchu Gundo LBS.

By Dawda  Baldeh

There is insufficient teachers and   furniture at Sinchu Gundo Lower Basic School in the Central River Region (CRR).

Fatoumatta Mballow, the head girl of Sinchu Gundo Lower Basic School, speaking to this reporter on a phone said President Barrow and his cabinet should come to their aid to provide leaning materials and enough teachers for them as they are also Gambian.

The student also, said her School was built by former President Yahya Jammeh in 1994 and has since never encountered challenges such as shortage of teachers.

She told the Daily News that since 2017 the school has suffered from shortage of teachers and furniture.

According to the head girl,  there are 13 classes with only 3 teachers. We want government to support us as we are also Gambian and let them provide us teachers or if not,  the school will close because three teachers can’t  manage  13 classes she noted.

She added “we cannot sit on the ground or mat, why government is spending millions of dalasi on irrelevant issues”. We want government to equip us with qualified teachers and modern day furniture she complained.

Baba Camara,  the headmaster of the Lower Basic School said  he is  seeking help from the government through the ministry of Basic secondary school (MoBSE) to help us with qualified teachers as the head girl said.

Camara added  that, sometimes he will leave his  office work  to join the three teachers in the class rooms  “We are doing our best to maintain the proper learning and we told the government several times to resolved the issue of lack of teachers”.

”I urge the government to help the school with teachers and furniture before all the students will leave the school , as some parents have started taking their children to other schools” he said.

The head master told the paper that, his school is not having feeding program, we can’t keep our younger students at the school from 8am to 4pm while they don’t have anything to eat.


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