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Tabital Pulaagu calls for Unity

By Dawda Baldeh

A breakway faction of The Gambia chapter of Tabital Pulaagu, an International Pro- Fulani organization has called for Unity among Fulas across the country.

Addressing the gathering,  Mamadou Kandeh, President of ‘Tabital Pulaagu’ said the meeting is meant to bring together Fulas as one and embrace unity towards peace and development.

Kandeh said, the meeting is not a tribal setting. Fighting for the rights and privilege of your tribe is not tribalism but considering your tribe to be better than others is tribalism, said Kandeh.

The meeting was held at Jabang Kombo South  on 14th February 2021 and was attended by leaders from different tribes in The Gambia who comment Fulas for the initiative saying that without unity, there cannot be peace and development.

Kandeh thank the government of Adama Barrow for giving people the required democracy to mobilize and discuss  issues regarding their tribes and organizations saying that it was difficult under the former regime.

The meeting is geared towards bringing Fulas together and reflects on their cultural norms and practice and also to unite Fulas to other tribes, he said.

“We are not calling on Fulas to stay away from other tribes and be alone but strengthen relationships ties among all” He saud.

Another speaker Kaddijatou Baldeh, the Vice President of Tabital Pulaagu association Gambia Chapter said; fulas are lagging behind simply  because they don’t want to unite  and this meeting is meant to bring about  unity, she told the crowd.

She added that, if we don’t embrace unity among ourselves, other tribes will be ahead of us whether we like it or not, she emphasized.

“I want to emphasize that the objective of the association is to bring Fulas together and to promote unity among themselves but is not for political reasons”, Baldeh stated.

She said her factions “in totally ”  have no attempt  towards promoting tribalism. “We cherish the mutual co-existence in the Gambia and we will not be involved in anything that stands to divide the people and lead the country to tribal war,” she stressed.

Bubacarr Cham Secretary General of Tabital Pulaagu said, the organization will not allow anyone to bring tribal issues in the country but is meant for unity.

He called on Fulas to help and educate their children saying that the children are the future leaders and if they are not educate, they will find it difficult to lead.

He said to be a Fula is a decision made by Allah and you cannot change that. Am calling on Fulas to work together and be under one umbrella. Cham urged Fulas to help and spread the message of love and unity among all.

Bambe Baldeh guest speaker, who claim to be a security officer in The Gambia and has back in the 1970s.  

After serving years in the 1970s he retired and now move to  Senegal but finds it difficult anytime he is coming back to this country

“I feel very sad to see Gambian securities telling me, that  am not a Gambian”. I serve in the security during the coup of Kukoi Samba Sanyang.

He appeal to all to embrace unity and peace. He said fulas find it difficult to get documents in this country and encounter many challenges when traveling within the country he alleged.







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