Saturday, September 18, 2021


There are all signs that the Gambia government is virtually losing control over the security of the country. The lives and properties of Gambians living here are exposed to dangers and no life is anymore save here as the killings and arm robberies are on the increase with no or little sign of control by the state.
The government of the Gambia is mute over all these disregards for the laws of the Gambia and Gambians are dying day in day out. The interior ministers should come out or better more the President of the republic needs to speak and speak now.
The level of crimes and its magnitude these days is very scaring as we are seeing lives being lost and the level of monies in their millions of dalasi and properties also going up and up, and yet up to date nothing or very little is seen to arrest the situation.
The latest arm robbery that took place at the Jeshwang business area, where up to 15 million dalasi and lot of other properties (unqualified) were forcefully taken from a single businessman is just unacceptable.
The killing as a result of knife stabbing of a coffee seller on the streets around the Monument at Westfield is another very high level arm robbery.
The murder of a poor woman in cool blood in her own house at Lamin village is another level of a very serious crime and new trend.
The chopping of body parts of individuals almost all over the country, the killing of innocent people and many other kinds of similar disregards for the laws of the Gambia, and enough for us to say the Gambia is not a safe haven anymore.
This coupled with a lot of other killings and arm robberies in the country is a cause for concern and that government must be seen to take a step that commensurate to arresting the ugly situation of lawlessness in the Gambia.
The Gambia government is losing control of security and that as a result the smiling coast of the Africa is turning to a crying coast of Africa and that trend must be reverted. The ball is the court of the Gambia Government.

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