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The Gambia Police @ it Again

Why are our police behaving partisan politics? This is very worrying and disturbing. The least Gambians expect from our police force, a discipline force like them is to play to the tune of politicians.
How can police officers reduce themselves so low to such a level, by attempting to climb up a pole just to bring down a particular political flag, just because the President is passing or plying along a particular road with flags hanging over the road not belonging to his political party.
At Kolior police station in the recent times a police officer was seen trying to climb a pole to bring down the flag of the United Democratic Party, just to satisfy President Barrow. This is not expected of a police officer.
The Gambia Police Force need to discipline officers who are found wanting by way of being so unprofessional. The other time also a police officer was seen dancing putting on a political party’s T-Shirt. This kind of attitudes of police is unacceptable. Such behaviors of our police with other political parties are not acceptable but it is acceptable with the NPP, the president’s political party. IGP take a second look and bear in mind today its Adama Barrow but tomorrow can be someone else.
The Inspector General of Police (IGP) and his team need to act and act as soon as possible. If our uniform men and women can act so unprofessional and go scot free, I wonder what the future holds for us. The IGP should borrow a leaf from the Gambia Arm Forces (GAF) whose leader in the name of CDS , did clearly warn his men to desist from partisan politics.
The police and the army are supposed to be very neutral when it comes to partisan politics; though they are free to join and vote for any political party; but they cannot and should not publicly show their political colours.
Unfortunately, we have seen officers being victimized for acting political, whiles in the same police, others act publicly partisan yet they go scot free. Rule for one, should be rule for all. The police have to be sanitized or else we shall be on record to have one of the most politicized police in the sub-region.
The unprofessional manner the police handled the No to Alliance team is evident that the police is being manipulated. Where in our books of laws do we have a requirement of a permit for holding a press conference. How the police disperse the press conference is very unprofessional. IGP be warn that governments go and come but intuitions stay.

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