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The Political will must be There for Diaspora Voting –Darboe

By Al mamo Kamaso
The Leader and Secretary General of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Lawyer Ousainou Darboe said there must be a political will for the diaspora voting to happen. The UDP 2021 Presidential candidate was on Monday 3rd May taking part in a political discourse at the National Assembly on the 2021 Eletion Bill.
In an interactive consultative meeting, Monday 3 May 2021, the Joint Committees on Regional Governance, Ombudsman and IEC and that of the Human Rights and Constitutional Matters committees meet with ten registered political parties out of eighteen to gage their views on the 2021 Election Bill at the Assembly grounds.
Speaking on some of the clauses in the Bill and particularly on the issues of diaspora voting, the UDP leader said cognizance of section 39 sub-section 1 and that of section 83 of the 1997 constitution , the Gambia government cannot say the Gambians in the diaspora cannot vote.
He went further to remind members that it was this government who declared the diaspora as the eight regions of the Gambia, and since it the declared as the eight regions, it can therefore be considered as the eight administrative regions.
The leader of the UDP argued that our citizens who live and work abroad contributes immensely to the economy of our land, so why should they not take part in the decision making of our country? He suggested that if the region cannot be considered as a constituency, but countries within can be considered as wards.
The Lawyer cum politician said him not having these countries demarcated into constituencies is something he cannot buy; he said there has to be a political will. He calls for an appropriation Bill to fund whatever it takes to make them take part in the political dispensation of our country.
On the issues of attestations, Darboe objects to Seyfos to attest to non-documented person as citizen or not.
Other political parties have different views as to who should give attestation or not; but many supports the idea of having five elders of a villages to attest to none documented people for voter registration.

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