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The Rampant Kill is Alarming

There hardly pass a day without a murder case being reported in the Gambia, as recent as two days ago a Youngman was murdered by his biological brother in the Niamina East district over trivial issues. There was another gruesome killing , an unknown body was also found at somewhere in Brufut, the Brikama Nyambia forest dead body, the two murder case at Busumbala where Marie Mendy was killed and his cousin brother too was found dead in a near-by well.
The rampant killing is alarming and in most if not in all these cases not a single arrests are made yet. The fact that no arrest is yet to be made makes it even more scaring. How can an unknown people come into our homes take lives and get away with it just like that? After all not a trace is made of those people who stained their hands with such crimes. How could such crimes go un-punished, since in most of the cases no arrests are affected?
The crime rate now a day is on the high and it seems little is our government doing about. Dead bodies are found at various places and in some cases the bodies already decomposed. Some of the bodies found, are wrapped in sacks, are these kinds of crimes not new elements of what crimes use to happen?
The security sector of the government need to buckle up, and manage these crimes well if only we do not want gets our country to another unwarranted level. Why has the police come up with zero crime unit, when the anti-crime unit is up and running. Why did they not strengthen the existing forces on the ground instead of coming up with another?
Yes in some quarters, the police deserved a tap on the back for preventing and in some cases intercepting criminals. The people have seen , when, those gang of bandits were apprehended somewhere at Sukuta Jabang.
However their arrest did found that they have already caused a lot of harm but finally the beauty is that they were apprehended. That is where the government of the day should pay more attention to. Let’s put up strong securities in place try to strengthen the existing ones and create new ones and that is the only way forward.
The Daily News is calling on the security sectors to join their strategies and efforts to effectively combat what it may describe rampant and scarring killings within our communities.

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